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Batman and Robin Annual 2024

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FATHER-AND-SON ROAD TRIP! Batman and Robin have gone through hell the last few months, so Bruce decides to take Damian on a camping trip to bond. But as they try to enjoy the great outdoors, they find a different kind of hunting ground…one that hunts the most dangerous game! Trapped and cut off from their weapons and backup, Batman and Robin must use their surroundings to hold off and take down some of DC’s deadliest mercenaries!

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13 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Williamson crafts an entertaining story for Batman and Robin in this annual. The story has the perfect level of drama and action throughout and does a fantastic job of creating and evolving moments for the pair to connect with each other. I love not only the motivation for the story, but also how it is quintessential Batman in word and deed. A great story that is fun to read from start to finish.

    The Art: Porter delivers some fantastic art throughout the issue. I love the visual style and how it captures the dark tone of the story.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    It’s a great example of how to do a done-in-one adventure, with a self-contained story that still feels like it plays into the larger narrative Williamson has been building in the main title since it started. This continues to be another winner in a sea of them among DC’s recent launches.

  • 90

    First Comics News

    Bruce and Damien Wayne on a camping trip! It’s true as the two of them get away for a little father/son bonding but things turn ugly as they find themselves in a hunting game where the rich hunt victims and it’s being led by Roulette and to make matters worse. Bloodsport is added to the mix. This tone in this annual feels more like that forgotten 1994 Ice-T movie “Surviving The Game” due to the concept that Joshua Williamson is going for and the dynamic between Bruce and Damien is still going strong what’s interesting about this annual is how this is exactly the situation that both of them would find themselves but it never leans on the whole father and son stereotypes. The only bad thing about this annual is the artwork. Usually, Howard Porter can produce such wonderful art. Still, for this story, his work looks sloppy and unbalanced, almost as if he was trying to channel Bernie Wrightson and Gene Colan but comes up short; It’s sad because it takes away from the brilliant and moody atmosphere that Willaimson set up with his script. The art hurts big time but the story is thrilling enough for fans to check out.

  • 85


    It’s very easy to recommend Batman and Robin Annual 2024 to readers of any experience. The story is entertaining, with funny dialogue and more than enough action. The artwork mirrors that tone, swapping between a lighthearted, colorful aesthetic and the dark and brooding one we expect from Batman titles.
    So, if you’ve somehow never read a Batman comic before now, Batman and Robin Annual 2024 is a great way to get your feet wet. And if you did read it and are looking for where to go next, I highly suggest Joshua Williamson’s ongoing Batman and Robin. In it, you can find the father/son dynamic playing out over a longer form story with equally impressive art. For a more complete story, you could go back to Grant Morrison’s or Peter J. Tomasi’s runs on previous iterations of Batman and Robin. You really can’t go wrong with the Dynamic Duo.

  • 80

    But Why Tho?

    Batman and Robin 2024 Annual #1 embraces the larger format. It is a perfect example of the stories that can be told in an annual, benefitting from the extra space. It allows the creators to take their time and unveil a plot that escalates and evolves several times. It’s a fun adventure that takes the city-dwellers somewhere new and unusual while forcing them to display their unrivaled survival skills. Bruce sought to bond with his son over campfires and s’mores, but it is investigating the mystery that highlighted how alike they are.

  • 80

    Dark Knight News

    The Batman & Robin 2024 Annual is a fun self-contained issue that shows Batman and Robin don’t always have to hate each other and that they can be father and son in their own, unique way.

  • 80

    Get Your Comic On

    A great annual for Batman & Robin to kick off 2024. It’s fun to see father and son focussing on their relationship for a moment, even if it does turn out to be in the middle of a life-or-death mission…

  • 80

    Caped Joel

  • 72

    Comic Watch

    Overall, Batman and Robin 2024 Annual is a natural extension of the great work Williamson has done on the series so far. Both Bruce and Damian are in the woods and far from the city, so in a way, they are out of their element. The art does a good job conveying this, but this creative team pairing is much better suited for stories involving these characters in costume and in the city. In the end, Bruce and Damians relationship comes first and shines which is exactly what Williamson is trying to do.

  • 70

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Batman and Robin (2024) Annual #1 shows Bruce and Damian take a little camping trip away from Gotham that turns dangerous real quick. There’s no real sense of danger or anything, but this comic is a nice side adventure for Bruce and Damian who get some downtime with a little bit of action. However, while the writing is fine, the art is what will be hit or miss for readers.

  • 70

    Lyles Movie Files

    It’s a breezy, annual style story, but that doesn’t take away from it being fun. Even with the inconsistent art, this was a fun entry with this week’s releases.

  • 60


    Balancing the positives and negatives, I can say this is an okay issue but it’s, unfortunately, the kind of thing you read once, throw in a long box, and forget about the next day. While the good elements remain refreshing against the current backdrop of the Batman line, it just isn’t a strong enough comic to justify a recommendation.

  • 60

    Annual issues are interesting things as they, generally, are stories that don’t necessarily fit the current storyline, but fit into the continuity. In the case of Batman and Robin, that means we see Bruce and Damian leave Gotham for a little camping trip because it would be good for Damian to get away – a little bonding time if you will. That quickly turns into something not quite normal when they find themselves stuck in a sick hunting ground situation where the rich hunt victims as run by Roulette. Add to this, Bloodsport is involved. What works in the issue is the father-son dynamic. Williamson does an especially good job of writing that in this issue while staying true to the characters and not leaning into stereotypes about kids and parents. There’s also nothing inherently troubling about the story more broadly in that this not only feels like something Bruce and Damian would find themselves dealing with, but the twist at the end also feels fitting. What doesn’t quite work, however, is the art. just doesn’t quite do it when it comes to the human characters. It’s messy and a complicated and it detracts from the overall quality.

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