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Batman #1

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Fifteen years ago, Bruce Wayne witnesses the murder of his parents by a mugger. Devastated, he vows to avenge their deaths and dedicate his life to fighting crime.

As years pass, Bruce becomes a skilled scientist and trains his body to perfection.

One night, while contemplating his future in his father’s mansion, he realizes he needs a disguise that strikes fear into criminals. Suddenly, a bat flies through the window, inspiring him. Bruce interprets it as a sign and decides to become a bat. Embracing his new identity, he becomes the Batman, a dark figure and avenger of evil.

This is the origin story of Batman, who seeks justice and fights against crime in Gotham City.

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    Major Spoilers

    Even this early in his history, much of The Bat-Man’s modus operandi is already established, and the addition of The Joker really highlights how good a character he is and how talented these creators are.

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