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Avengers: War Across Time #1 (of 5)

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Thor! Iron Man! Captain America! Giant-Man & the Wasp!

The classic Avengers against the Hulk on the streets of New York!

It’s the beginning of a showdown with Kang the Conqueror that will span the centuries!

Eisner Hall of Famer Paul Levitz makes his Marvel debut (unless you count a letter in Amazing Adventures #5) teamed with acclaimed artist Alan Davis!

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    Un Cómic Más

    This story shows the original Avengers team working as a team in the best dynamic possible. Janet Van Dyne has the best quotes.
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    First Comics News

    This new series, is brought to us by the incredible team of Paul Levitz (Known for his stellar work at DC) and Alan Davis. Taking place after the team’s battle with the Spider-Man robot sent by Kang The Conquerer it doesn’t take the latter too long for him to send a manic Hulk to take down Earth’s Mightiest Heroes so that alone brings the all-out action to a boil that brings the excitement level up a notch. In his first-ever work for Marvel, Levitz’s writing shows much respect for the Silver age era and for the Marvel Universe in general; From the team’s chemistry with each other to the importance of continuity this is one of Levitz’s best works since his “Legion of Super-Heroes” run and Alan Davis?! Let’s just say his art gets better with time (It’s no lie) and it’s wonderful that he’s on this project. This is a cool throwback to a great era and the fact that Kang is the main villain in this series makes this greater and a perfect tribute to the history of The Avengers.
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    But Why Tho?

    Avengers: War Across Time #1 is both a well-crafted throwback to the Avengers’ glory days and a reminder of the menace Kang the Conqueror poses. With Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania set to position Kang as a significant threat in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this series is an excellent introduction to his character.
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    Marvel Heroes Library

  • 85


    The Avengers: War Across Time is a great fight comic and a great celebration of classic Avengers comics. You'll get the general feel of how the comics read back in the day with tons of Alan Davis art. If that's what you're expecting, it delivers big time.
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    Graphic Policy

    Avengers: War Across Time #1 is a fun comic. I generally am not a fan of these types of stories by Levitz’s writing style and the art by the team sucked me in. It balances old with new in a way that appealed to me as a reader. With Kang having such a focus this year, this could be a series to keep an eye on, as you never know what its impact across the Marvel timeline might be.
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    Writer Paul Levitz and artist Alan Davis succeed in channeling classic Marvel books with both storytelling style and character designs; but manage to improve on the experience of reading older books by maintaining the modern comic convention of not filling each panel with as many words as possible. For that, it's a good read, but the only drawback is that it also reads a lot like a story you've already seen. This old-fashioned story with modern conventions works in this case, but it's not reinventing the wheel. The series may not be aiming for that either though, it might just be aiming for fun, which it is.
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    Impulse Gamer

    A fun story introducing a major villian that may or may not have any bearing on the new Marvel movie but is still fun enough.
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    Major Spoilers

    What strikes me the most about Avengers: War Across Time #1 is how much it feels like a missing chapter, rather than a new take on the Avengers of the day, with lovely art by Davis and a script that feels effortless, earning 3.5 out of 5 stars overall. The layouts are designed to resemble the Silver Age, the credits are delivered with the old-school breathless narration and nicknames for all the creators, and even the coloring is carefully moderated to stay truer to the Silver Age coloring of the era.
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    Geek'd Out

    Written by former DC Comics president Paul Levitz in his Marvel debut, War Across Time does capture the tone and feel of the early Silver Age comics with astonishing accuracy, which means it may or may not be a deal-breaker for many. I personally like a little bit of that vibe from time to time, but anyone with a taste for more modern comics could be turned off. I do wonder if this approach can justify a whole series rather than just a one-shot, but that remains to be seen. Furthermore, the fact that it’s drawn by the legendary Alan Davis will be another potential yuck or yum depending on the reader; his style isn’t totally accurate to that period of comics, but it’s still a more classic aesthetic than what you’d normally see nowadays. Rachelle Rosenberg’s colors definitely give his art a more modern feel than the flat coloring of that era; a little bit of the “new” with the “old” here. All things considered, if you’re a fan of classic superhero comics, then you can’t go wrong giving this one a look.
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    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Paul Levitz and company do a great job transporting us as readers to the early days of the Avengers. The dialogue is campy and returns to the days of old comics. I would suggest this for a new comic reader in lower grades, but Wasp is so amorous in her overtures to all of the male Avengers that a young reader may get more of an education than their parents want them to the ways of seducing a man. As always, Marvel is setting up its cinematic endeavors, so here comes Kang!

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