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Avengers Inc. #5

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Her name is Janet Van Dyne. She led the Avengers. She’s divorced. Deep down, she still considers herself a widow.

His name is Henry Pym. He’s the leader of the new Lethal Legion. He’s her ex-husband. He’s very much alive.

Together, they’ve got a LOT to talk about…

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  • 90

    We’re saying goodbye to Avengers Inc. far too soon, but luckily, the now mini-series goes out with a bang. Nearly all the subplots are wrapped up here in a neat little package, while planting the seeds for this new team of Avengers, and Hank Pym’s Lethal Legion, to have roles in the Marvel Universe in the future. Ewing as a writer here doesn’t just inject a fresh new take on the Avengers, but dives deep into Marvel lore when it comes to Victor Shade’s true identity. Again, it’s a real shame that Avengers Inc wasn’t given a far longer shelf life than what we inevitably got, but the series is one that is a must-buy for fans of the Avengers, and especially for long-term fans who want to read a story that plays on the team’s past.

  • 90

    Major Spoilers

    After five taut issues of mystery and unexpected turns, Avengers Inc. #5 still manages to surprise, turning the Ultron/Pym problem on its head, shaking it hard, and stealing the change that falls out of its pockets, with Kirk delivering a skillful, interesting visual experience and a lot of really wonderful family bits from Ewing. If Marvel doesn’t put The Wasp and Mark Twelve in some sort of ongoing series soon, they’re wasting a really great debut issue here.

  • 90

    Marvel Heroes Library

    Digging up stuff from the Marvel past like Ultron-12 and Vision’s old alias Victor Shade will always get my approval. Add that to bringing back Henry Pym and Ultron, tying in Ultron Forever and the latest Ant-Man series, and reusing Whirlwind and some other minor or forgotten villains, and I can’t resist.

  • 80

    Graphic Policy

    Avengers Inc. #5 leaves the door open with Janet and the crew for the future in case Ewing decides to feature them in one of his upcoming titles or maybe a new series featuring them. After all, this recurring pattern occurs in the quiltlike nature of his work. I loved seeing Janet headlining a comic book with top billing and even more with a writer who enjoyed writing her. More than likely, Ewing will view this as a speed bump where elements will be picked up in whatever he heads up next. Even with one of the tiniest heroes, he cannot help but look at the big picture of her legacy and where she might end up next.

  • 67

    Comic Watch

    Avengers Inc.#5 is a safe, warm, and satisfying finale that will be sure to grow smiles on the faces of those longing for the forgotten pits of Avengers history to become relevant once more. However, outside of pleasing those with aforementioned connections to the material that inspired this series, I can’t sayAvengers Inc.has much impact or value with its lack of emotional or thematic resonance.

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