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Avengers Forever #7

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ESCAPE FROM THE PRISON OF STEVES! Steve Rogers is a mild-mannered ninety-pound guy from New York, who wakes up one morning in a prison cell, no idea how he got there. Even weirder is that the guy in the cell next to him…is also named Steve Rogers. Why is there a secret prison filled with misfit Steves, none of whom have ever heard of a Super-Soldier Serum? And what sort of dark and mysterious version of themselves will they have to unleash in order to escape?

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100


    ‘Avengers Forever’ #7 is a tense, seemingly hopeless issue that sees Steve Rogers’ from across the multiverse imprisoned somewhere, sometime. With no way out. Only one of ’em won’t be kept down and one Steve Rogers battles against his incarceration day-in, day-out, with the same beatdown each and every time. Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder deliver one of the best stand-out issues of the series so far. And a reminder of what Steve Rogers means to the Marvel universe. All of them.

  • 100

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 80

    Impulse Gamer

    With the Multiverse stories being all the rage at the moment the Avengers one does seem to be coming along well and I would recommend this one if you are into the character of Captain America as there a bunch of different versions of him on display here.

  • 80

    Marvel Heroes Library

  • 75

    Geek'd Out

    I actually think Avengers Forever #7 is a great example of episodic storytelling in a serialized setting, especially by modern comics standards. It feeds into the ongoing story Duggan and Kuder have been telling though not made clear until the endbut also stands on its own enough that you could read this and then ignore anything before or after it. Though this arc of the series has apparently been indulging itself with the multiverse of it all, its hard to complain when an issue like this is as fun as it is.

  • 67

    Major Spoilers

    An already crowded story gets even more crowded and I’m tired just thinking about it. That said, it’s a well-drawn issue that surprised me as a reader, so I’ll still recommend it.

  • 20

    Avengers Forever #7 is really not my jam. The issue features five multiversal Steve Rogers trapped in a small facility together and learning how to inspire each other and become the “Captains America” they were always meant to be had they been born in a different universe. The whole comic is the opposite of inspiring, as it reminds readers that the plethora of variants they encounter in this comic all retain the same basic traits as their Earth-616 (or whatever we’re calling it nowadays) versions. Also, the ending twist is very weird and sends a message of “torture is okay if done for the right reasons” which is… not great. A total whiff of an issue.

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