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Avengers: Beyond #4 (of 5)

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The Lost One stalks our world, the Beyonder watches from orbit and the Avengers prepare to battle… the Bootleg Avengers! Six ordinary people, gifted with amazing powers and abilities they neither earned nor (frankly) deserve, seek to replace Earth’s Mightiest Heroes at LITERALLY the worst possible time. And when the Ivory Kings show up to pass judgment on the Beyonder’s last, desperate ploy to keep his race from being wiped out, things – amazingly – go rapidly downhill.

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    As had been the case with Landy’s All-Out Avengers, the writer is clearly planning things in a way that could really turn into something later on. There are clearly plans that involve bigger themes and a more extensive plot. The fourth issue in the current series doesn’t feel like it has the kind of momentum it would need to turn out as satisfying as All-Out Avengers. With Landy’s preceding Avengers mini-series, there was an intriguing plot construction that seemed to be leading somewhere. With Beyond, Landy seems to be a bit more directionless than he was with the previous series.

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    I have no idea what is happening in this comic. I re-read this latest issue a number of times, and then went back and re-read the previous three comics and I’m still coming up with a blank as to why this series exists and what message it is trying to convey. The confusion continues with issue four as a band of Z-tier doppelgangers appear to challenge Earth’s Mightiest Avengers, and the “humor” that is attempted to be conveyed through them is downright cringe-worthy. The dialogue simply doesn’t work and the “Bootleg Avengers” are yet another example of story beats that simply do not work here. With only one issue left in this mini-series, I suppose we should all buckle in for the finale to begin in a completely unrelated place in following suit with what came before. Avengers Beyond simply doesn’t justify its own existence and is a mini-series that you can easily avoid.

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