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Avengers #35

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Based on 8 critic ratings.

In 8 months, time runs out! And it all starts here!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Chuck's Comic Of The Day

    The final-page reveal certainly sparks interest. Writer Jonathan Hickman is molding a big, worlds-shattering tale here, loaded with surprises and unexpected turns.

  • 90


    Avengers #35 is a wild ride that will have you scratching your head in the best way possible, waiting for Hickman to bring together his master plan and blow your mind. This issue is full of small details that are going to culminate in something huge, and launching this title into the future really kept me on my toes. There is an energy that emanates from this comic, an excitement that is on every single page concerning how the world got this way and what the hell is going on…and I can’t wait to learn those answers. Avengers fans, it’s time to Assemble, Jonathan Hickman is building another epic event!

  • 80

    Comics: The Gathering

    Avengers #35 was a great issue. Despite its lack of focus and cohesion, Hickman revitalizes the book with this new setting. There is a lot of set-up for his upcoming finale and but this issue will have you eager to read the next one. The payoff is imminent and it will most likely astonish.

  • 80

    The Kliq Nation

    The shocking revelation at the end of the issue leaves me hyped for what is in store the upcoming months, leading into 2015.

  • 70


    As a ‘possible future’ story, it’s a solid set-up, with interesting takes on all the various characters. Not to mention the quality line-up of different artists. But the fun of seeing all these changes only takes us so far. This issue is entirely set-up, and while it’s interesting set-up, and I kind of like where it’s going, we’ve still got a long way to go. And personally, I’d rather Hickman deal with this storyline in the present, rather than pull this ‘alternate possible future’ stuff. The Avengers vs. Illuminati storyline he was building was pretty damn awesome.

  • 70


    In some ways, “Time Runs Out” is exactly what this series needed. It kicks the book into drive as the focus shifts ahead to a darker and more unpredictable Marvel Universe. But the time shift creates its own problems, and this issue is never entirely consistent in tone or visual style. But hopefully things can only improve as Hickman delves deeper into this new status quo.

  • 60

    Comic Book Herald

    As much as I am invested in this story ( I collect Avengers, New Avengers, Uncanny Avengers and Avengers World) I am having a tough time keeping up with what is going on. That is coming from someone who is collecting four major Avengers titles as well as specific character books, some of which touch on these events as well. I am very curious to see where this will all go, but it feels more and more that this story will only make sense when it is in the rearview, and we can buy a trade and read it over a few times.

  • 50

    Weekly Comic Book Review

    Shifting the setting to the near future adds a new wrinkle to the ongoing plot, but that wrinkle isn’t helping resolve anything about this old, old plot. In fact, it might just do it a disservice, since it ratchets an already-raised stakes to something that arguably has been “the new normal” for eight fictional months now, which doesn’t seem to be enough for the amount of stuff we’re expected to accept. The art is uneven thanks to the jumbling back and forth of different artists, but there are enough new design elements to help us stay visually engaged, regardless of the plot treading and re-treading.

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