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Avengers #32

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5000 years into the future. Rogue Planet redux: The mysterious origin of the rogue planet revealed.

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    Chuck's Comic Of The Day

    The Avengers has been a rich, meaty read ever since writer Jonathan Hickman took over – but with the present storyline, he’s getting even further into the weeds.

    That’s because a small group of Avengers have been on a most unusual journey. It started when Captain America confronted Iron Man to demand an explanation for the actions of the Illuminati (who have been dealing with alternate-Earth incursions that threaten to destroy the world – see New Avengers).

    But their “discussion” was interrupted by the appearance of the Time Gem, which took a small group of heroes on a jump into the future.

    That journey has included some revelations about the future (happily, it indicates that we have a future, which is in doubt sometimes in Hickman’s tales) – and this issue includes a surprising guest star.

    So, got all that? If you’re a bit confused, don’t worry, you have plenty of company. But as I’ve said before, for those willing to tackle this complex, twisting tale, it’s a rewarding task.

    Add in the stunning artwork by Leinil Francis Yu and Gerry Alanguilan, loaded with fantastic vistas of a mysterious future world, and you have a powerful comic.

    It’s not for everyone – but for those who “get it,” it’s terrific!

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    The art, unfortunately, is weirdly inconsistent in this issue. At times Leinil Yu’s pencils and Gerry Alanguilan’s inks merge in a scratchy, haphazard assortment of lines. But at other times, Alanguilan’s inks smooth out and Sunny Gho’s colors become more vibrant. Here the issue is at its best, and there are some definite shots of beauty as Franklin’s garden blooms and he gives the Avengers a tour of the universe as it exists thousands of years from now.

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    Avengers #32 is a heavy issue that is very Hickman-esque, for lack of a better term. This is time travel with all it’s excitement and, depending on your tastes, pitfalls, but I will say that Hickman is doing time travel right. The inclusion of the guest star makes this issue soar for long time Hickman readers, and there are small moments in this comic that will make you laugh despite yourself. Get your thinking cap on and give this one a read, Avengers is most definitely building toward something big.

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