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Avengers #24.NOW

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Generally favorable ratings

Based on 12 critic ratings.

Captain America and Iron Man plan for the next version of the Avengers.

A runaway planet is on a collision course with Earth.

A visitor from the future helps save the day.

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12 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    Chuck's Comic Of The Day

    You might have expected a smaller story for the team after the cosmic overkill of Infinity, but it looks like the creative team isn’t taking a break – they’re plunging headlong into the next massive event.

  • 90


    Avengers #24.NOW is a solid start to the next phase of Avengers and Hickman does not appear to be slowing down one bit after the huge events of Infinity. Avengers fans have a jam packed issue of things to love within these pages, with some great art and fantastic storytelling. ‘Nuff said.

  • 80

    Graphic Policy

    This issue is meant as a starting point, even though there’s a number 24 on the cover and Hickman pulls that off quite well with a fun, action packed issue that’ll give those interested a good taste as to what they can expect going forward.

  • 80

    Comics: The Gathering

    Even with some art that is not up to usual standards at the tail end of the title, Avengers 24.NOW is still a great read. This is one of the best single issues of the series that Jonathan Hickman has ever crafted from a writing standpoint, giving readers a great mix of insane sci-fi and excellent character beats. It is also dare I say it, a good jumping on point for new readers.

  • 80

    Weekly Comic Book Review

    It still possess some small problems that are the norm on this run so far, but this issue does manage to spin an exciting tale as it balance levity and a sense of excitement and action that manage to bring out a lot of fun. With some good work from the artists and colorists attached, this issue is a rather fun one that does make the future of this book rather bright for the time being.

  • 80

    Comic Spectrum

    Finally, in regards to the numbering of this issue mentioned above, just for simplicity sake, I wish Marvel would just choose to go one way with the numbering of their series rather than try to please so many. When looking at the cover, it’s not only a number 1, but it’s Rogue Planet #1? And then when looking at the bottom right hand corner, it’s also 024.NOW” As they attempt to gather new readers, that can be confusing. Looking at this month’s issue of Uncanny X-Men for example, it’s number 015 with a .INH underneath that, short for Inhumanity. Again”just confusing for a new reader looking to jump on board and something that can easily be avoided by simplifying. It’s a minor complaint that has no affect on my enjoyment of this issue. Hickman looks to be starting another epic story and I’m eager for the next part.

  • 80

    Comic Vine

    Even when the Avengers are relaxing after a big event, you can count on the action to kick in. We see what the team does next and what Captain America and Iron Man think about the team’s roster as well as where they’ll go next. This might be a new jumping on point but you’ll still want to know who all the characters are in order to fully appreciate all the interaction between them. There are a lot of great artists in this issue and it doesn’t come across as cluttered or disjointed. You will get a sense of the big scope that Jonathan Hickman has been carving out with the Avengers. It’s a great time to be an Avengers fan.

  • 80

    I guess if I had to have a complaint aside from the uniforms ” seriously guys, couldn’t they have had somewhat of a downtime issue? Our heroes are more than battle weary at this point and really need some kind of a break. Not everyone is Thor or Hyperion and can just keep going like the Energizer Bunny. A bit of fatigue needs to be built into one of the upcoming story arcs because no one can keep going at the pace of the massive events that they’ve all been going through for quite some time now. It’s almost never really addressed and the more I think about it, the more it bothers me. That complaint is minor, though, if you are a fan of Hickman’s work.In the end, you should really pick this one up!

  • 70


    Avengers #24.NOW is a decent enough start to the next act of Hickman’s Avengers run. It has a bunch of problems, to be sure, but there is potential there that could result in some exciting stories later on. The only thing to note is that the issue costs five dollars. While there are more pages to the comic than usual, it’s still a lot of dough to ask for a single issue.

  • 70


    The opening scene was delightful, though it’s a little burdened by so many characters. We’ve got Sunspot, Hawkeye and Starbrand playing a game of target practice. Thor cooking meats while Cannonball and Smasher cutely order the same thing. Hulk carrying pies. Spider-Woman and Black Widow bonding over said pies. Even Cap and Tony’s scene, where they discuss the inner-workings of their roster, is a nice touch. For once, these Avengers feel like real people, and it’s fun to read. But then all those humanizing scenes really only get a couple of panels each to really do anything. They’re cute, but they’re also far too brief. If Hickman hadn’t simply told us in a previous issue that Cannonball and Smasher were a couple, I wouldn’t know it from their scene together here.

    Still, at least Hickman delivered some of what I’ve always wanted from this comic.

    The second half of this book is an enjoyable superhero adventure. The idea that an Avenger from the future travels back in time to warn the team about some cosmic menace is classic comic bookery. I kept waiting for some kind of twist, but I’m fairly certain Hickman was just playing it completely straight, which totally works. Why mess with a cliche? Then the Avengers team up and save the Earth from utter destruction, exactly the kind of massive superheroics one should expect from Hickman’s Avengers. So all in all, this issue was a great example of what Hickman could do on this series. I only wish he’d been doing it since the beginning.

  • 62


    This issue promised to reunite Hickman with Esad Ribic in light of their too-short run on Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates. That reunion is a welcome treat, and Ribic is perfectly suited to rendering Hickman’s vision of a 31st Century Marvel U. Unfortunately, there are a number of fill-in artists in the latter portions of the issue. There’s too little visual consistency, and no real attempt to ease the transition between each artist.

    This isn’t a bad comic, necessarily, but it’s visually jumbled and doesn’t do enough to build excitement for what’s coming next.

  • 60

    Comics Refueled

    A good but vague start to the “relaunch” to the Avengers series with an ending that seems to be putting Tony in the lead. The main attraction for this issue is the artwork and it’s worth just staring at it to admire all the work these artist put into getting it done.

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