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Art Brut #3 (of 4)

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Get ready for a real SCREAM, as Art & Co dive into Edvard Munch’s iconic painting to see what all that noise is about!

And lest it bears repeating: this issue features new letters, new covers, and another new Silver Age-style backup story, as the lost adventures of Art Brut continue apace!

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    Major Spoilers

    Art Brut #3 not only connects the plot, but it describes a connection many artists have with their art. The pursuit of perfection is not only impossible, it could be dangerous to the artist. But what if this also becomes dangerous to their art?

  • 60

    Art Brut is getting closer to showing why the worlds of art and reality are blending together with devastating effect, with Art entering into another painting to find some answers while his handler tracks down a loose end in our world. This comic remains entertaining enough, although it at times still feels like it’s more concerned with showing how avant garde it is rather than try to tell an entertaining story. Perhaps that’s the point, but it sometimes makes the comic feel like it only has one trick instead of showing any real creativity. Martin Morazzo’s art continues to be fantastic, and I really think that this is establishing him as one of the premiere “creepy” artists today. Dude has a talent for drawing unsettling faces.

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