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Art Brut #2 (of 4)

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Stuck inside the Mona Lisa, Arthur, Manny, and Margot walk through the charred landscape and try to figure out what destroyed our favorite smiling painting.

And outside the canvas, Margot investigates an art class gone very wrong…

Featuring new letters, new covers, and another new Silver Age-style backup story, the lost adventures of Art Brut continue here!

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32 pages
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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 77

    Major Spoilers

    There is no doubt that Art Brut #2 continues to be an unusual story, but it fascinates. We do not yet see all the connections clearly, but as with a puzzle, the more pieces we can work with, the more we can figure out.

  • 60

    Art Brut remains very weird and colorful, although its depiction of mental illness remains distressing. The artwork of Martin Morazzo is a highlight of the issue, with the titular Art Brut explaining the strange artscape to his new boss. The series remains very rough around the edges, though, as the non-linear flashblacks are too heavily used to provide exposition to explain the present day story. I’m also just… not a fan of Brut’s seemingly hopeless schizophrenic tendencies outside of the artwork, it feels more crass and uncaring than anything, played for bizarre laughs instead of trying to make any deeper point.

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