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Arcade Kings #3 (of 5)

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Unable to match his brother Joe’s power and skills, Ken discovered a new place to train: the Row, home to the most highly competitive arcades in Infinity City. But when Victor McMax’s bid to take over the entire city brings his high-powered goons there, Ken has no choice but to protect his new home—and put his fists to work.

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Comic Crusaders

    The emotional aspect of this story is apparent yet it does not overtake the story. It is a good balance of emotion, action, and people coming together to support one another. Writer Dylan Burnett has written a masterpiece so far. If you have not started Arcade Kings the timing could not be better. This is a must read.

  • 100


    Arcade Kings keeps surprising me in delightful ways as it continues to be that story I want to drop my quarters into. It’s bright, flashy, and has a plot that feels perfectly juggled between the quick and quirky storytelling and the S-ranked super-move sequential sequences.

  • 100

    Major Spoilers

    Arcade Kings #3 is my favorite issue in the series thus far and provides a ton of depth to the series. Ken is someone I want to root for, and I hope that they can implement the character without overshadowing anyone else. For me, this was the perfect issue for this series, renewing my interest in the middle comic and shoring up some of the weaker narrative elements in the characters.

  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    Burnett is allowing the world to expand a little more as he introduces a new character on the other side of the narrative. As cool as the itinerant hero is in the first couple of issues, it’s cooler to see a contrasting hero who is every bit as valorous while being much more firmly anchored in a single location.

  • 94

    Comic Watch

    There is not a series like this that takes a subgenre inside a niche style and makes it work as an exciting story. Arcade Kings is one that any fan of arcade, anime, or the 80s/90s would definitely enjoy.

  • 90

    Lotusland Comics

    ‘Arcade Kings’ defies expectations and subverts its colorful fun fighting bouts with a very human and compelling story. Come for the fireworks but stay for the storytelling.

  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    A key character gets the spotlight as the battle of Infinity City continues on. BURNETT, Baiamonte and Antonellini bring the emotional weight to the frenetic fighting for another knockout issue. Don’t miss picking up this series on New Comic Book Day!

  • 85

    Multiversity Comics

    This new perspective is what this series needed after a rocky number two, but with the brothers possibly united, the story can reach new heights.

  • 80

    Arcade Kings shakes up the formula with Issue #3, focussing instead on a fully-grown Ken as he struggles to keep his arcade district out of the tyrannical hands of his father. Ken’s design definitely shows some Cowboy Bebop inspiration and at times it even hints at the quieter moments that show thrived in. There’s also not nearly as much fighting this time around, though when the action does finally start up it takes a surprisingly violent turn compared to the book’s previous issues. This remains a ton of fun and keeps building up a fully-realized word. My only hope is that the series is in it for the long haul.

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