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Amazons Attack #4 (of 6)

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Prison break! Will Mary Marvel make it out alive as she struggles against waves of Belle Reve’s super-powered convicts? Meanwhile, the truth behind the golden apples reveals itself. Is the goddess of discord really to blame, or is there another mastermind pulling the strings?

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24 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Geek Dad

    With King’s laser-focus on Diana and his unique writing style, it’s great to have this book to expand the story of the Amazons’ battle.

  • 85

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: An entertaining and thrilling story that has some great action throughout and a compelling story that continues to create an interesting new dynamic for the Amazons in the DC universe. As entertaining as the story is, the only aspect that continues to grate on me is the desire to make me think that Peacemaker is some kind of credible threat beyond being the C list clown that he actually is.

    The Art: Georgiev delivers some fantastic art in the issue. The story takes place is different locations with different narrative themes and the art delivers on the tone and mood of each place beautifully.

  • 80

    An already engaging saga gets even more intriguing as it digs deeper into the mystery beneath the surface. Gods are dying? Sivana is involved? Visions of Amazons of the past? I’m curious how this plane is going to land when all is said and done, but the ride is a fascinating one.

  • 70

    Comic Watch

    There is a noticeable advancement in this series where the reader can tell its coming to an end, and the only thing to do is hope that the story ends on a high note.

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