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Alpha Flight #2 (of 5)

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NORTHSTAR, AURORA, NEMESIS and FANG must be stopped! But what are these former ALPHA FLIGHT heroes up to that’s unleashed the fury of DEPARTMENT H and their all-new weapon: the BOX SENTINELS?!

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  • 90


    Alpha Flight #2 is a brilliant return to a complicated narrative. Its focus on the marginalized mutants helps to set it apart from the rest of the line, but its themes tie it directly to the Fall of X. Even with limited space, every character gets a moment to shine. With conflicts continuing to build, this book is standing out as one of the best that the X-Men books have to offer.

  • 85

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Alpha Flight #2 feels the most like a Hellfire Gala aftermath book by creating tension through urgency as the team races to secretly evacuate mutants from Canada (and Earth) before they’re caught. Equal parts superhero comic and wartime thriller, this series is surprisingly captivating.

  • 83

    Comic Watch

    Alpha’s back, and better than ever. Despite the long history of shady deeds done by the Canadian government, and their own superhuman resources, the team shows what they really are. If you’re sleeping on this book, it’s time to wake up.

  • 80

    First Comics News

  • 80

    The Fandom Post

    The second round of Alpha Flight works pretty well as it’s trying to juggle a lot of things and handling it better than I expected. I still avoid most of the mutant books for a lot of reasons but this one is adjacent enough in a way that works without becoming too involved in all the complications there. Brisson has a lot of small things going here and hopefully each of the subplots get enough attention so that they work. Albert is the main catalyst for things at the moment but I enjoy watching how the Alpha Flight team itself is secretly split and working to help as many mutants as possible. It’s a fun way to run things with the tension of wondering when they’ll be found out.

  • 75

    Graphic Policy

    Overall, Alpha Flight’s entry in Fall of X has been entertaining by predictable. Written by Ed Brisson with art by Scott Godlewski, color by Matt Milla, and lettering by Travis Lanham, it hasn’t surprised too much. Still, it’s interesting to see this sort of resistance against Orchis and the government’s bending to their will. While the overall story follows the beats you’d expect, individual choices and moments stand out. The art is good and the characters all look like the Alpha Flight we love with some nice fights and dynamic moments. Still, the comic feels like it’s playing it a bit safe instead of pushing the underlying concepts and themes of Fall of X.

  • 70

    While I’m not a super huge fan of, well, any of the current X-related stories, there’s a good bit of important storytelling in Alpha Flight #2. Brisson does a great job of showing the challenge that Alpha Flight finds themselves facing as they try to navigate the dangerous anti-mutant world they are in and the demands their government is placing on them with the choice of how to act to best save as many mutants as possible without compromising their ability to do so. While there are moments where it feels like parts of this issue just don’t connect or are a little rushed, there’s a lot of tension and emotion that comes across. Things definitely take an unexpected turn in the issue which is enough to keep the interest and story moving forward. It’s a decent issue, though the pacing does make one wonder if this story might be better suited for a collection rather than an issue by issue story.

  • 53

    Major Spoilers

    The art is probably the best part of Alpha Flight #2, making good use of storytelling essentials, even as the progression of mutant hate in the provinces feels awkward and rushed. I enjoyed this issue for the well-balanced premise, and there are some really clever bits in these pages, but it feels like Alpha Flight is playing a supporting role in their own comic, and that just feels wrong.

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