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Alpha Flight #1 (of 5)

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GUARDIAN, PUCK, SNOWBIRD and SHAMAN return, as a terrestrial ALPHA FLIGHT bursts onto the scene! But what schism will pit these heroes against their former teammates AURORA, NORTHSTAR and NEMESIS, as well as Aurora’s beau, FANG?

The FALL OF X has changed the game, and will Alpha Flight soar to new heights… or be crushed under the weight of an impossible mission?

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13 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    The Comic Book Spot

    A scary but needed story to be told in today’s climate. As I am reading this, I truly hope that I will not see a day where something like this happens. This story needs to be told and is a glowing example that comics are a valuable art form that can give commentary to our societies.

  • 85


    With constant callbacks to the team’s history, Alpha Flight #1 has a lot of love for the source material, and it shows. The book combines classic elements with modern stakes to provide some heavy emotional scenes. While it struggles to introduce its premise in a fluid way, the rest of this book should be a brilliant adventure.

  • 85

    Comic Watch

    ORCHIS and Department H, two of the most sinister organizations that’s ever existed in the Marvel Universe have combined forces to destroy the mutant menace, but will the government sponsored team, Alpha Flight go along with it? Brisson and Godlewski have started a tale that’ll hopefully resonate with fans and readers, because this team deserves their time to shine.

  • 84

    The Fandom Post

    I wasn’t expecting much going into this since I’m both decades out of date on the characters and everything that the mutant side of Marvel is doing just makes no sense to me. The unwieldy nature of what the Marvel comics universe has become makes a property like this not really make a lot of sense with sliding timelines and all that. But it was fun to reconnect, even briefly, with old favorites like Snowbird and Mac and to see another generation coming on board. Trying to wrap my head around the logistics of it all isn’t easy and basically seeing more sentinel-related stuff in it doesn’t exactly prove to be a draw. I do like the reveal that we get about the team toward the end as that helps to shorten some problematic areas for the group and I’m curious to see where it’ll go from here.

  • 80

    Graphic Policy

    Alpha Flight #1 is a good start. I’m not sure if it’s a series to read with each issue or collected based off the first issue, hence my “read.” I think the first issue is a bit too predictable in that way so if there’s more twists and turns to come, then that’d change things in the long run, but, it’s a fun and entertaining read and solid addition to Fall of X.

  • 80

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Alpha Flight #1 piggybacks off the events of 2023’s Hellfire Gala to explore how Canada’s newly re-formed super team is tasked with protecting their citizens from the “mutant threat.” Brisson’s take on the team is consistent with their history, and using the mutant dilemma as an excuse to bring the team back to the fore is a smart play. I’m not sure where this story is headed, but I like what I see so far.

  • 80

    First Comics News

    Canada’s number one premier super team returns with a story that covers topics such as prejudice, grievance, and government interference and ties them into a story of redemption for Alpha Flight that fans of the group will appreciate. Ed Brisson does a great job of showing the group at their best and worst to where he’s not taking everything that John Byrne did in his original run and reusing it for his own purposes. Scott Godlewski (Making his Marvel debut) shows his art at its best while complementing Brisson’s script. Yes, this issue had a tough time getting out of the gate. Overall, it’s a new beginning for Alpha Flight that’s a good read while taking advantage of the team’s X-Men connection which brings that vintage feel to the book that fans will love. Welcome Back, Alpha Flight.

  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    Alpha Flight has been a tricky team to get right. It’s not often that the team’s delicate balance between politics, emotion, and action has been placed on the page in a way that makes any kind of sense. John Byrne did a brilliant job with the first run on the first series back in the early 1980s. The series has been hit-or-miss since. Thankfully, Brisson and Godlewski are doing a good job of bringing it all to the page.

  • 78

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Alpha Flight #1 marks a significant juncture for the team, effectively bridging their storied past with the uncertain path ahead. The incorporation of Alpha Flight’s history enriches the story, a testament to Ed Brisson’s reverence for the team’s roots. Despite a stumble in plot execution, the art flourishes, seamlessly blending the classic and contemporary design elements of the characters. In wrapping together Alpha Flight’s rich legacy with the uncertainties of the future, the debut issue skillfully weaves character depth and nods to its history, leaving readers intrigued by the potential direction of the story.

  • 75

    Derby Comics

    While ALPHA FLIGHT #1 may not have been the most revelatory or tense book in recent weeks, it serves a purpose to remind readers that there are problems Orchis for mutants stuck on Earth and that governments have become even more complicit. This is additional world-building for the dire state mutants find themselves in and though it might not be a necessary piece of the puzzle that gets us to the conclusion of Fall of X, the series appears primed to explore topics that are relevant beyond comic book pages.

  • 70

    If you haven’t been following the events of, well, any of the X-stuff in Marvel (I haven’t), Alpha Flight might be slightly confusing at first but it all comes together nicely by the end of the issue and tees up a solid, interesting story of injustice, prejudice, government overreach, and rebellion. Story wise, the pacing is good and Brisson does a pretty decent job of building to the big reveal at the end (though to be fair if you’re reading carefully you can figure it out in advance) and while the art is mostly up to personal taste, it does have a slightly vintage feel to it which is nice. This is a pretty strong start overall.

  • 70

    Multiversity Comics

    An interesting introduction brings Canada into the ‘Fall of X.’

  • 70


    I went from being somewhat passive about a standard story with good art, to engaged in what story this series is telling. I’m more interested in this than any other Alpha Flight story to date just thanks to a perfectly executed page turn.

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