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Almighty #4 (of 5)

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Beyond the walls of ZONE ONE, the ultimate nightmare begins. Del ventures out in search of life-saving medicines as Fale recovers from her wounds, but something strange and malevolent stalks her every step.

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    But Why Tho?

    Almighty #4 brings the horror that has been eluded to living in the world front and center and lands it wonderfully. With their human pursuers still on them and the grotesque dangers of Zone 1 all around, it feels like it will take all the will, strength, and prowess both Del and Fale can call if they are going to get out of their current nightmare alive.

  • 30

    Almighty #4 shifts its setting and entices readers with promises of a no-man’s-land filled with mutant monsters, but the series is unable to redefine itself even with a new array of possibilities available to it. Exploration of an urban wasteland resembles the familiar empty streets and damaged windows seen in so much media without any inventions to be discovered amidst scratchy pencil work. When the inhabitants of the zone are shown, they are few, far between, and ill defined. Mentions of a “Great Mother” and “Abomonog” would be intriguing if there was definition to be found. Instead, a zombie-like creature and half-mad inhabitant gesture at a vague threat that’s particularly underwhelming given how open and free the streets of the setting are. Almighty carries over its ongoing issues with pacing and generic antagonists that serve up a cliffhanger that serves just as well as a jumping-off point.

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