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All Against All #4 (of 5)

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In the penultimate chapter of ALL AGAINST ALL, Helpless is loose, and now no one is safe. The last human prowls through the bowels of the ship, eviscerating every living thing he encounters. Meanwhile, B’Tay and his daughter V’lmann must find their way home through the warrens of the habitat while B’Tay himself struggles to suppress his animal nature. Can he keep control long enough to stop Helpless’ rampage?

Featuring variant covers by JACOB PHILLIPS (THAT TEXAS BLOOD) and ALISON SAMPSON (Sleeping Beauties)!

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30 pages
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  • 90

    Major Spoilers

    All Against All #4 is a tangled web of survival and empathy. For better or for worse, B’tay has made a connection to Helpless, perhaps at the cost of his own people. But when it comes to life, which is the right choice to make?

  • 80

    There are few surprises in All Against All #4, but that’s not a problem for this miniseries’ penultimate chapter. Earlier issues framed the conflict and moral crises so clearly that each decision leading to a final showdown between scientists, warmongers, and feral humanity seem inevitable. The silhouette of a gorilla from issue #3 is revealed to be exactly what readers expected, and it’s even more terrifying given the obvious power of a single man in this environment and the utterly fearsome form portrayed by Caspar Wijingaard. Although much of the plot is devoted to setting the board for next month’s finale, there remain plenty of opportunities to play with the series’ intriguing tweaks to alien biology. The parasitic squids moving between forms and changing in response to new biology remains an engrossing element in both visual depiction and consideration of how our thoughts are the downhill result of chemistry. All Against All has provided readers a fascinating riff on apocalyptic sci-fi with a setting and species that reflect humanity with strange clarity, and it appears well staged to stick the landing in its finale.

  • 80

    Get Your Comic On

    This story arc has taken it’s time to gather pace but I am glad that I have stuck with it as this issue is definitely the best so far, Alex Paknadel has written a story that has the potential to grow into something or an epic scale, each character has been given the chance to organically grow which in turn has helped the story grow at a good speed allowing the reader to grasp the full story.

    Once again Casper Wijngaard elevates the book with some stunning artwork that really makes the book stand out with his unique art style I really enjoyed reading through the book allowing my imagination to become entwined with the story. (…) A story that started slow but has started to reach it’s peak, an epic story that has organically grown and built a level of anticipation that has left me excited to see the final issue.

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