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Aliens: What If...? #3 (of 5)

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The facehuggers hit the fan as Burke’s plan goes horribly awry!

Desperate to capture the life-saving adaptative qualities of Xenomorph DNA – without Weyland-Yutani’s knowledge – Burke and his only friend, a damaged combat synth named Cygnus, have brought Burke’s own worst nightmare right into his living room.

The trap is set – now they need a victim to snap it.

What the hell is Burke doing, and how does his daughter, Brie, fit into all this?

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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    This series is brilliant, with hilarious dialogues and manages a narrative rhythm where tension/terror exudes through its page and makes it difficult to stop reading.

  • 80

    After thinking he’s found the appropriate victim for a face-hugging xenomorph, Burke has a change of heart, which only leads to more mayhem as the parasite escapes containment to find a new host. Knowing his daughter could be at risk, Burke seems to show genuine concern for anyone other than himself, though he might get what he wished for in the least desirable way imaginable. With the first two issues of the series taking care of a significant portion of exposition, this third chapter manages to inject more overt terror and action into the narrative, all while also highlighting why audiences have loved to hate Burke in the beloved Alien sequel. While most Alien comic books inject expected horror and intergalactic carnage into their narratives, this book marks an instance in which we almost wish we got more dialogue and character dynamics than anything else, given how hilariously wormy the story has been in the preceding two issues. Luckily, none of the action or narrative tension is poorly executed, it’s just a testament to how fun it has been to see Burke having to survive in a world where karma came back to bite him. Still, we hope that future installments keep Burke front and center and it doesn’t devolve into another generic group of characters running from a xenomorph. Still, even if it does resort of that, having Paul Reiser contributing to the project as a writer is making the experience stand out from its peers, marking a worthy expansion of the series.

  • 80

    Comic Watch

    The strange humor that results from Burke’s behavior in Aliens What If…? #3 sets the story apart from most of the franchise which is often deadly serious. It’s a fun issue, but hopefully not a big lurch in this direction going forward.

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