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Aliens: What If...? #2 (of 5)

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Thirty-five years after the disaster on Hadleys Hope, company man Carter Burke is eeking out a cursed existence on a backwater asteroid.

With his once-promising career in the toilet, Burke’s only remaining purpose in life is to care for his daughter, Brie. She hates him, probably for being a horrible person.

And when she finds out what he’s up to now? It’s not going to be a friendly reunion.

Has Burke learned his lesson, or is he about to get all of his companions killed again?

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Un Cómic Más

    This new series is exciting and fun, with brilliant dialogue that highlights Burke’s toxic personality.

  • 81

    Comic Watch

    “Who is this for?” was a reasonable question to ask about a series focused on a largely two-dimensional antagonist from Aliens. Was anyone clamoring to know more about the slimy Carter Burke and whether or not he survived? But the series has proved surprisingly engaging. This largely owes to the creative team’s ability to fully realize Burke as a complex individual. Aliens: What If? #2 does a lot of the heavy lifting to make that happen, proving to be a compelling, character oriented issue.

  • 80


    Aliens: What If…? continues to be a surprising twist Aliens fans will love. Burke is a complex character who is clearly misunderstood, with years of guilt and anger built up to stick it to his corporate overlords. For that reason, he’s a hero we can get behind.

  • 70

    Aliens: What If…? walks an impressive line in humanizing Carter Burke, a character depicted as being entirely reprehensible in the original Aliens film. Some of that is due to the premise of the story, this being an alternate reality where he survived Aliens and became Weyland-Yutani’s scapegoat for everything that went wrong with the colony on LV-426, and some it is also letting us see him struggle with his broken family life. All of this makes him, if not sympathetic, pitiable without absolving him of the guilt for his actions in Aliens. Much of it also needs to be credited to the issue’s dialog, which is surprisingly funny in a way that feels true to the character. He’s sardonic in a way that speaks to his desperation, something that borders on gallows humor. This whole exercise could have been a by-the-numbers extrapolation of what happens when a writer chooses option A over option B or when a character outlives their relevance. Instead, the tale is adding more depth to the character without fundamentally undercutting the thematic underpinnings that defined him in the first place.

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