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Alien #6

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Based on 7 critic ratings.


Steel Team is in fragments.

Scores of innocent humans are dead after surviving years on an irradiated rock.

A new kind of Xenomorph is emerging… hunting… killing.

It’s all built to this. Is this the end – or beginning – of a new horror?

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24 pages
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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 88

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Johnson brings this arc to an exciting and explosive conclusion filled with great characters, action and thrills. The final confrontation with the alien queen is great and I love the evolution of Freyja as a character as well as what could possibly come next for both the characters and the alien that was left behind.

    The Art: Ohta crafts some beautifully detailed and visually thrilling art throughout the issue. The action was breathtaking and generated genuine thrills.

  • 80

    The Fandom Post

    The series is one that overall was a lot of fun even if because of the nature of how the synthetics were portrayed here felt more like a superhero comic than a science fiction story. That’s not a bad thing to some degree but it just reminded me more of that than anything else. The general setup and concept is one that I liked and the nature of how badly things end isn’t a surprise either. Johnson’s story was pretty sharp and focused for a lot of it with some good dialogue, but I don’t know how connected it is to prior Alien works and bits I might have missed. Ohta has been a favorite of mine for some time with other publishers but they did a great job here in capturing the feel of all of this and engaging in a world that’s chaotic and violent without it being, well, cartoonish. It had the right edge to it and delivered.

  • 80

    Un Cómic Más

    With less detail recreating chilling chase sequences.

  • 75

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Alien #6 concludes the story with not only Steel Team but also Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s time on the Alien series. The art from Julius Ohta and Yen Nitro’s colors continue to keep this comic visually alive and action-packed while Phillip Kennedy Johnson delivers on the writing for the most part. Admittedly, some of the story feels a little rushed as the comic tries to tie up as many loose ends as possible. However, it still manages to deliver a solid story and conclusion to this Alien series.

  • 65

    Multiversity Comics

    Overall, “Aliens” #6 isn’t anything mind blowing, but it’s got energy and provocative thinking. It’s a strong stab at doing something interesting in a well-worn franchise, even if it doesn’t always work.

  • 60

    Impulse Gamer

    This is good enough but would be a lot better if you have read the rest of the series. Maybe I should read more than the first and the last in these series….nah!

  • 40

    There had previously been glimpses of ways in which this series could evolve the beloved franchise, only for that potential to almost entirely be squandered. Instead, we’re given a montage of vaguely sci-fi scenes of monsters ambiguously fighting humanoid figures, leaving us to wonder what the hook of this narrative was meant to be in the first place.

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