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Alien #3

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The devil you know…

While searching the Xenomorph-infested Tobler-9 for an alien sample that can save humanity, “Steel Team,” the mythical Synthetic Special Operations team, has made a shocking discovery: a colony of humans who have managed to survive there for decades. With only their mutual mistrust in common, the humans and synths strike an uneasy bargain: the alien sample in exchange for Steel Team’s help in clearing a subterranean Xenomorph nest. But while the humans have had to sacrifice some of their humanity to survive, Steel Team learns that the ICARUS alien strain has taken on some disturbingly HUMAN tendencies…

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23 pages
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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Un Cómic Más

  • 88

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Phillip Kennedy Johnson ramps up the drama and the intrigue in this issue. The survivors are interesting and layered. Their interactions with the synths are well done and create great drama throughout the issue. I love the slow build up of tension throughout the issue and the ending was fantastic.
    The Art: Ohta delivers some beautifully detailed and thrilling art on every page of the issue and I love the design of both the aliens and the alien queen.

  • 80

    The standout element of this issue is its artwork, as it blends together the gloss and sheen of expected sci-fi fare with a unique grit and realism to accurately reflect the cinematography of the various entries into the Alien movie series. The storyline effective offers us enough narrative momentum to keep us engaged in the concept and the ways in which this series aims to deliver new takes on the familiar formula, potentially confirming that this book has finally found its groove and is about to let loose a vicious storyline.

  • 80

    The Fandom Post

    This series is going pretty well so far and I’m definitely interested to see where it goes. I still have some of my minor reservations over it because of the whole synthetic team that makes it more like a super soldier team but they’re being placed in an interesting situation and there are a few dynamics playing from it that I like. The writing continues to be solid for it and Ohta’s artwork in giving us a really ragged group of survivors helps to cement the situation well, especially as they move between various bunkers in order to avoid the enemy.

  • 75

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Alien #3 kicks the plot into high gear with great art and plenty of soldier-vs-Xenomorph action. Aliens (1986) fans will have a lot to like in this issue, but the story is quickly becoming formulaic.

  • 70

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Alien #3 follows up on the cliffhanger from the last issue as Steel Team is saved by human survivors. This issue takes thing down a notch and has a slower and more casual tone to it, with a good chunk of the story centered on discussions and the interactions between a couple members of Steel Team with the human survivors. However, the comic picks up near the end and sets the stage for the next issue.

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