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Alice Never After #4 (of 5)

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While the White Rabbit may be perpetually late for a very important date, he can’t run from Alice forever, or keep hiding the secrets behind why he’s always in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Alice may have some help in returning from Wonderland, but just like the twists and turns and dead ends of a maze… will it ever be something she can ever emerge from?

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    Comic Book Revolution

    Alice Never After #4 does a good acting as the penultimate chapter of the story. Dan Panosian, Giorgio Spalletta, and the rest of the creative team balance out Edith and Alice scenes to establish the stakes of the latter’s situation. It leads to a strong set-up for Alice Never After’s final issue to deliver a memorable ending.

  • 80

    Alice Never After continues this week with a riveting chapter that explores the complexities of a birth in wonderland. While Alice deals with a complicated political affair in her fantasy world, the topic of her swollen belly hardly comes to mind, but that couldn’t be more opposite in the real world. Alice’s shocking pregnancy has put a plot in the works, and it seems some shady characters are eager to cash in on the child.

  • 70


    There’s clearly lots of big threads set up for the finale in issue #5. (I haven’t even mentioned the stuff with a big reveal for the White Rabbit.) There’s every bit of evidence that we’re going to get a really great ending, and likely one where Alice emerges to take back her life and work through whatever Wonderland represents for her as a character. But it may not be as vivid of a journey as it could be, and we might only get some of the sheer potential this book offered in issues #1-3. Sure, it’ll be whimsical and weird, with subtext galore, but I followed this rabbit for so much more, and I’m afraid I won’t get quite as much satisfaction from this tea party.

  • 60

    First Comics News

    The art is excellent. Alice is a beauty, the Cheshire Cat has a weird evil vibe about him. The other characters are fun and very playful. Overall this Wonderland is a fantasy and one she can control.

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