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Alice Cooper #2

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Generally favorable ratings

Based on 3 critic ratings.

Lucifer has set his sights on Alice Cooper, who performs his hits night after night to ravenous crowds and thunderous applause. Now, armed with a powerful instrument given to him by the angel Gabriel, Alice steps onto a new type of stage — one at the center of a very old battle between the darkness and the light!

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Kindle Edition
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29 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Comic Crusaders

    Overall, I think this was a very fun read. I enjoyed the art, the story, the backgrounds but most of all I enjoyed the jokes the most. Other than a few nit-picky things with the character designs not being inventive enough or the word balloon sizing, I really don’t have any more pointers for this issue. It was fun, I liked it, had a blast reading it honestly.

    If you’re a rock fan, this book might be for you. However, if you’re an Alice Cooper fan, then this book is definitely for you. If you’ve never heard of Alice Cooper one of the forefathers of modern rock, metal music and shock performance then you need to head outside a little more, and then pop into your local comic book store and maybe give this story a read. I promise it’ll at the very least get a few chuckles out of you.

  • 85

    Comical Opinions

    ALICE COOPER (VOL. 2) #2 somewhat resets the events of the first issue with a cleaner, clearer plot involving Lucifer’s plans to become the world’s greatest musical star, as long as he can destroy Alice Cooper. Barnes adds a little humor and a lot of stakes. Plus, it all comes together with rock-solid art.

  • 80

    Graham Crackers Comics

    Rodney Barnes and Edu Menna continue to weave an interesting story as Lucifer continues to mess with Alice Cooper. Armed only with a guitar from the angel Gabriel and a annoyed attitude, Alice and us readers learn more about Lucifer’s motivations and plans. The story keeps up a good pace and makes sense in a weird battle of the bands sort of way. Definitely worth checking out.

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