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Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #5 (of 6)

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Alan Scott and the Red Lantern come to blows!

But what’s going to happen when these two ancient forces battle it out, and what will it mean for the Green Lantern?!

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    Comic Watch

    Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #5 kicks the series into overdrive with an emotional battle between the titular character and his long lost love.

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    As a life-long fan of all things Green Lantern, I consider this series an absolute win. I would love to see Alan’s heroic journey continue past the next issue, and I hope this creative team receives the opportunity to do so. This unique exploration of Alan Scott’s history and the engaging expansion of the Lantern mythology make this series a “must have” for any Green Lantern fan.

  • 95

    Geek Dad

    Much like Jeremy Adams on Jay Garrick’s book, Sheridan is digging into the mythology of these characters and answering some questions we’ve had for more than a century. As the issue proceeds, the Red Lantern becomes much more of a complex figure and likely a tragic one, as it’s revealed that he was just as much of a pawn of his government as he was a manipulator—and that the Soviets are just about ready to replace him. Given this context and the segment we see at the start of the issue, I’m guessing we’re headed for a tragic final issue—but first we’ve got one epic Cold War battle brewing, complete with some long-awaited guest stars in the cliffhanger.

  • 90

    This miniseries has already meaningfully filled in the margins of Alan Scott’s storied history, and this seemingly-penultimate installment takes things even further. Tim Sheridan’s script delivers everything fans would expect at this point from the series’ epic conclusion, but with enough heart and dramatic tension to still surprise. Cian Tormey’s art compliments it all excellently, delivering one impressive battle-worn sequence after another. This issue has me incredibly excited for what’s next for Alan Scott: The Green Lantern.

  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    The pen-ultimate issue of the original Green Lantern burns bright with a chapter that can’t be mixed. Sheridan balances heavy action and drama with his excellent script. Tormey, Herms, and Gattoni provide the vivid imagery to give readers an Alan Scott ready for the immense threat lying in his path. This series continues to be a must-have every time it drops.

  • 85


    Alan Scott: The Green Lantern is at its best when it focuses on the relationship between Alan and Vladimir. That’s exactly what this issue does, and it’s why it works so well. Even when Vladimir is trying to appear as a heartless monster, the heart in this book screams out and makes for a rewarding and touching experience. While there are some serious pacing issues, it’s still hard not to love this series more with every passing issue.

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    Weird Science DC Comics

    Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #5 gives readers everything this miniseries has been missing – action, excitement, drama, and cool wow moments. There’s even a retcon that serves to align Alan Scott with the rest of the Green Lantern Corps in an interesting way. That said, the retcon creates decades’ worth of plot holes, so continuity kings may have a tough time with the change.

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    First Comics News

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