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Adventures of Superman #500

Life without Superman doesn’t get any easier for Superman’s old allies Bibbo and Gangbuster — or for Martha Kent, who’s now lost a son and her husband. Jonathan Kent follows Superman into the afterlife. But will he be able to get to his son and bring him back to life, or will he be held back by his past? Written by Jerry Ordway, with art by Tom Grummett and Doug Hazlewood.
Meanwhile, four new heroes show up in Metropolis — could one of them be Superman reincarnated? Featuring the first appearance of Superboy, John Henry Irons, the Cyborg Superman, and the enigmatic Last Son of Krypton! Written by Karl Kesel, Louise Simonson, Dan Jurgens, and Roger Stern — with art by Grummett & Hazlewood, Jon Bogdanove & Dennis Janke, Jurgens & Brett Breeding, and Jackson Guice & Denis Rodier.

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65 pages
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