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Action Comics Annual 2023

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Norah Stone’s true form has been revealed, her gateway between worlds is opened, and the invasion of Earth has begun! As the Multiverse’s two most powerful families clash above Metropolis, which legacy will Otho-Ra choose? Will the followers of Blue Earth defend their treacherous leader, or their own home? It has all led to this! Three years of Action Comics storylines culminate in this pivotal, dramatic double-sized issue!

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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Lyles Movie Files

    Johnson never wavered on what Superman should do and behave in any setting. It’s helped make his run such a sterling example of how to write The Man of Steel in 2023, 2024 and beyond. No matter how crowded the supporting cast, Action Comics was always Superman’s title and this annual was a fitting conclusion to a terrific creative run.

  • 96

    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    Such a great ending, powerful in that it is told from a POV that the reader can understand. It’s hard to see a writer go when they are still on the top of their game. Johnson was firing on all cylinders. He leaves big shoes to fill. And he has made me a fan. As I have said before, he will be missed.

  • 95

    Geek Dad

    This entire run, and the Warworld Saga in particular, are going to go down as classic Superman stories, and the odds are some of the events of this run will sill be referenced decades from now.

  • 90

    Action Comics Annual 2023 isn’t perfect. While the Constantine-Etrigan-Bloodwynd of it all has some necessity, there are moments where it feels just a little campy. Things with Sister Shadow also wrap up a bit too tidily, though it certainly leaves things open to be revisited in the future should it come to that. Barring those things, it’s an extremely solid comic book that works beautifully on its own but also just pulls everything together from the start of Johnson’s run, through Warworld to now. Overall, it’s been a Superman story for the ages and this issue is a fitting conclusion.

  • 90

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 88

    Comic Watch

    Phillip Kennedy Johnson began his run on Superman and Action Comics by taking Superman by taking him out of the solar system, and became a gladiator on Monguls WarWorld. Through his time there, hed inspire the victims of Mongul, and his barbaric nature, to rise up and become something more than what they were made to believe. A hero. And thats exactly who we see in this annual. Thanks for the ride.

  • 80

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Action Comics 2023 Annual #1 is a fitting end to the New Worlds arc and Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s time on Action Comics. Admittedly, the smaller scenes feel rushed in spots due to lack of page space, but the final fight feels big against a formidable villain with an army, and the art looks great.

  • 80

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Action Comics Annual 2023 #1 brings not only this story arc but this entire run on Action Comics to a close. Let’s get it out of the way, the art is great, the action is great, the Super family is great, and Superman is great. There are issues such as the rushed resolutions with Sister Shadow and the whole Blue Earth movement, but that’s sadly to be expected when the run ends on an annual instead of in the main series for some reason. Despite the flaws, this issue still sticks the landing for wrapping up this story arc and Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s run on Action Comics in an action-packed and wholesome comic book.

  • 80


    Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s Superman run ends here. It’s not a perfect issue, but it’s a fantastic example of what Superman and his family can be.

  • 75


    Johnson and Raynor craft a fulfilling ending to the Super-Family period of Action Comics despite the consistent issues with the larger arc and its storyline. Even with the problems, I will miss Johnson’s time on Action Comics as his experiments with these characters and their motives were daring highlights of DC’s publishing year and it uplifted Johnson’s writing career to new heights. I can’t wait to see what happens next to the House of El in 2024.

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