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Action Comics #1067

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SUPERMAN FIGHTS FOR TWO WORLDS! When a massively powerful alien race makes EARTH their ARENA, Superman must stand ALONE against impossible challenges that threaten locations all around the world AND the lives of those he loves! A not-to-be-missed EPIC tale of Superman’s STRENGTH, WIT, and RESOURCEFULNESS in an early stage of his public career!

Plus, New York Times bestselling author RAINBOW ROWELL makes her DC debut and takes on the most powerful woman in Superman’s life… LOIS LANE!

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35 pages
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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95

    Geek Dad

    The wonky timeline aside, this is a brilliant story that perfectly captures how Superman fights and what he fights for. Its big, occasionally funny and goofy, but with a great heroic core and high stakes.

    The backup, by Rainbow Rowell and Cian Tormey (in Rowell’s debut at DC) is a modern tale that focuses on Lois’ tenure as EIC of the Planet. She’s struggling to fit into her new role as the boss, and dealing with several thorny ethical issues – such as, what to do when you know your husband is a little too close to the story because he’s literally writing about himself? It’s a great idea for a tale that tackles some of the unanswered questions relating to the Daily Planet, and it’s great to see this setting become a focus of the book again.

  • 90

    The Aspiring Kryptonian

    For a first chapter story, you couldn’t ask for much better. Instant set up and execution, cliffhanger twist ending, superb art, and a great jumping on point for new and/or returning readers. This easily has the makings of being something special as it’s already a lot of fun.

  • 88

    Nerd Initiative

    Taking the Man Of Tomorrow back in time proves to be a winning play for Superman fans. Simone brings out the best of Clark Kent with fantastic storytelling. Barrows, Miki, Lokus and Sharpe elevate the high stakes to new levels with epic imagery. This story doesn’t miss bringing back the superhero themes we all know and love. Don’t miss it.

  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    Simone crafts a fun and thrilling story from the early days of the character and both the tone and plot take me back to some of the best times for the character himself. There is a fun, light energy to the story before it kicks into gear with tension and thrills. I really enjoyed the historical setting of this story as well and how it incorporates the world of the character and his complex relationships with the supporting cast within it while also teasing more of those relationships to come. I look forward to seeing where this story goes after this action packed and thrilling first issue.

    The Art: Barrows delivers some beautifully detailed and stunning art throughout the issue. I love the visual style of the story as well as how great characters and action look.

  • 85


    The main story calls back to an earlier time for Superman and Lois, while the backup pushes the relationship of an editor and its writer to new lengths in the roles of Clark and Lois. Combined, Action Comics #1067 has the stakes and the heart that make Superman comics great.

  • 80

    Superman Homepage

    “Challenge From The Stars” – Part One
    I just wish it was made a little clearer where this story stands. Regardless, it was still a lot of fun and I loved these new alien visitors we are introduced to.

    “Lois and Clark: In Love. At Work.” – Part One 
    This seems to be a very personal story and I’m looking forward to seeing Lois and Clark deal with these problems.

  • 78

    Graphic Policy

    Action Comics #1067 is a fun comic. You don’t need to be familiar with all that’s going on with Superman and can just dive in and enjoy it. Both stories, while wildly different, have a lot that stands out for each and both entertain in different ways. It’s a nice arc for each so far with two voices that bring something different and fun to the classic characters.

  • 70

    DC Comics News

    Lacking context, Simone’s story is a little unsettling.  One one hand, it’s great to have  Bronze Age/ throwback tale with influences from different iterations of Superman, but perhaps more will be explained.  As a throwback tale it’s a ton of fun and very enjoyable.  Rowell’s story takes a more serious approach that is a nice contrast to the fun in the main story.

  • 60

    Overall, a decent issue.

  • 38

    Comic Watch

    This new arc feels like filler and is a letdown coming off of the House of Brainiac event. Detached writing mixed with gritty artwork makes this a three-part arc I’m fine with skipping.

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