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Action Comics #1064

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Brainiac’s Lobo army invades Metropolis in an action-packed oversized issue!

The Super family and all the heroes of Metropolis join the fight, but will they be enough to hold off Brainiac’s lethal and crazed soldiers?!

Can Superman and Lex learn what Brainiac is searching for?

He’s not bottling Metropolis, so what is he collecting instead?!

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33 pages
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14 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 100

    First Comics News

    The newest arc “House of Brainiac” kicks off with a bang that sets up the biggest storyline that Superman has had in a while. The sudden arrival of Brainiac’s army of Lobos comes off as captivating yet chilling to where you immediately get thrown into the story. Yes, some beats feel very crowded but the emotional stakes within this issue help as a selling point that shows Superman’s loved ones in danger but making sure that Brainiac is the ultimate threat; I was not sold on the opening chapter of this arc being a double-sized issue but this is an arc that ramps up the action and drama to even larger heights while reminding the readers the dangerous factor Superman has to face with Brainiac AND Lobo on the scene.

  • 96

    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    Rafa Sandoval is on art and he picks up right where he left off when he was on the book with Phillip Kennedy Johnson. The character moments are wonderful and fun. The action sequences are bold and loud. Sandoval does a great Supergirl to boot.

  • 95

    Geek Dad

    There are several shocking reveals here about Brainiac’s plan, how deep his influence goes, and exactly what Luthor knew and when. And then there’s the last page, which features a massive callback to decades of Superman stories. The scale of this first chapter is massive, with some spectacular action segments and surprisingly emotional moments, and it sets up another unlikely team-up next month. Fantastic stuff.

  • 94

    Comic Watch

    The first issue of the “House of Brainiac” arc is a fun and action-packed comic with amazing art and a stacked Super family cast. It’s an issue that will make any Superman fan extremely happy.

  • 90


    This crossover is off to a fantastic start. Brainiac has his hooks in, and it may well shape up to the best Superman story we’ve gotten in years.

  • 90


    I’ve been very much looking forward to this storyline ever since it was teased several issues back. I love love LOVE the idea that Brainiac has had a bottled Czarnian city this whole time! And now we’ve got a whole army of Lobo’s people to contend with. He’s always been hailed as the last of his kind, having killed all the rest. And when was the last time Lobo was popular or relevant? This could be a really awesome way to revitalize the character and pit him against some truly badass enemies. Plus, of course, these are some truly badass enemies for Superman and his family to take on! Right now, they’re all just Lobo-lite copies, so hopefully the Czarnians get some better characterization and development. But for right now, they’re an awesome enemy force!

    This is an excellent starting issue for the new story. We get a lot of great character moments as Lois makes her way through the city on a morning jog, and meets up with her friends and loved ones for yoga in the park. I love that Siobhan is a legit part of the friendly crew now. And I love the tease that there’s something special about this specific day that we’ll hopefully find out later. Then all hell breaks loose in an awesome sequence, and we get everybody fighting the good fight against the dangerous waves of enemies. It’s quite excellent, and Sandoval doesn’t miss a beat drawing the whole, massive encounter!

  • 87

    Superman Homepage

    Whew! That was some issue! It’s great to see Brainiac back in the main Super books. And what’s with all the Lobos!? Much will be revealed in the coming story but right now we have an action packed, exciting issue. Brainiac is after the Super Family which includes some of his villains as well. It’s also nice to see Lana and John Henry, though I’m still a bit confused as to Lana’s Superwoman identity. Was it ever explained how she retained her abilities after the New 52 continuity was changed? So much has happened since, that it’s hard to keep track. Still her appearance as Superwoman was welcome. Now I’m not a big fan of Lobo. An occasional appearance is okay but an entire Czarnian species! At first I wasn’t thrilled with the idea but I like how they were portrayed in this issue. Let’s wait and see how the Main Man himself is treated during this story. Will it be a pleasant surprise? Time will tell. For right now, I love the beginning of this story and I’m so looking forward to what’s next.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Action Comics #1064 begins the first part of the House of Brainiac storyline with a huge bang. The issue lives up to the title’s name as we get a ton of high-octane action as Brainiac unleashes his army of robot drones and Czarnian warriors for Superman and his allies to fight. Readers won’t need to know too much about what’s happened prior to this as the issue is very much a jumping-on point for returning readers. The biggest star of this comic has to be the art team of Rafa Sandoval’s art and Alejandro Sanchez’ colors. Their work really sells this comic book, and hopefully the next part of the storyline keeps up the momentum.

  • 85


    As far as classic superhero comics go, Action Comics delivers. There’s big action, huge stakes, and a setup for an event that has not one but a few compelling conflicts to resolve.

  • 85

    Lyles Movie Files

    Williamson teased some payoffs to subplots and seemingly random conversations that are now coming together. It’s always good to see a long gestating subplot come to fruition. The cliffhanger is intriguing with a tease of some completely unexpected developments with this latest chapter of the Superman/Lex Luthor/Brainiac dynamic.

  • 85

    Caped Joel

  • 70

    Action Comics #1064 is a huge improvement, story-wise, from the last arc with the arrival of Braniac’s Lobo army descending on Metropolis and it’s clear that this issue is meant to set up a major story that’s intended to feel like classic Superman comics in a big way. The issue has a ton of action and plenty of stakes. That said, at times it feels like it’s overstuffed and almost too much. It’s an oversized issue, but it might have been better served by keeping things a little tighter and a little smaller to drive home the emotional punch of it all, especially with the repetitive nature of putting Superman’s loved ones in the crosshairs.

  • 65

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Action Comics #1064 kicks off a Brainiac attack for the ages that portends big trouble on the horizon for the Man of Steel. That said, the issue suffers from pacing issues and supposedly smart characters making unwise decisions, resulting in a comic that feels uneven and forced.

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