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Action Comics #1056

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A shocking new character makes their debut as the thrill-packed “Speeding Bullets” concludes! Superman and Metallo must reluctantly join forces to stop the Cyborg Superman. With Tracy Corben’s life (or at least her humanity) hanging in the balance, the Super-Family fights to keep Metropolis standing. Meanwhile, Lois and the staff of the Daily Planet set out to uncover the mysterious leader-and shocking origin-of Blue Earth!

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14 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    This issue killed it in every way. It built up three times over what came before, never lost traction or focus, and delivered on characterization. We’re getting treated to a more empathic Superman that’s seemingly been absent for a while and watching Steel reach for new heights. There is nothing boring about Superman, definitely not in this issue. Be nice to yourselves. Buy this. Be kind to others. Encourage them to read Action Comics. Net a double victory and nab Steel #1.

  • 100

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 97

    Superman Homepage

    Story 1: It’s no secret that I’ve lost hope with most current comics, and I tend to be overly opinionated about how awful I feel a lot of them have been in the past couple of years or so. Yet, Joshua Williamson and Phillip Kennedy Johnson have provided the light in the darkness with their work lately. This was not too long or too short of a story arc. It had the perfect blend of character moments and action. Johnson proves he has an amazing understanding of Superman and his world. His run on this title gives me hope for whatever he plans for the Hulk at Marvel. I look forward to what he’ll do next for this book as well. Many new writers could learn a thing or two from Phillip Kennedy Johnson.

    Story 2: This chapter does take a slightly predictable route, but that doesn’t stop it from being a great read. I’ve been enjoying this series since its return, and I still hope DC comes to their senses and allows it to have a bigger format like a monthly book or another mini-series. Dan Jurgens proves yet again why he’s still among the best creators in the business with this feature.

    Story 3: Michael Dorn is the definitive voice of Steel. I even told him so when I met him at a Star Trek convention in 2006. It’s his voice I hear every time I read a comic featuring the character. In fact with Dorn as Steel and LeVar Burton as Mister Terrific, you’d have the perfect cast for a Steel animated series. I’m rambling, but hearing the right voice for a character helps the enjoyment of the story. I enjoyed this immensely, and it’s the perfect lead-in to “Steelworks,” especially if you are a Steel fan like me.

  • 90

    The finale of the “Metallo Rising” arc isn’t without issue – the defeat of our villain feels like it comes a little too fast which is a bit frustrating given how expertly sadistic Cyborg Superman has been set up to be here, but that rushed pacing is rewarded with what might be some of the best character work for other characters one could ask for in comics. Johnson does a brilliant job with Metallo, giving the character incredible humanity that feels like it is setting up for something more without distracting from the overall narrative. The backup stories here are pretty good – Jurgens’ story does get a little darker than expected with its villain, but it’s not unwelcome, and the conclusion to the Steel backup story is solid as well. All around this is a great issue of Action.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    Overall, this run has been a much-needed spotlight for all the rarely-seen members of Superman’s supporting cast.

  • 90

    First Comics News

  • 82

    Comic Watch

    Johnson has continued to deliver one of the best takes on Superman, and his world that we’ve seen in a long time, and he’s giving us some new takes on some very classic faces, while also giving some new ideological threats that could prove to be far more dangerous than some of the physical adversaries. While Jurgens and Weeks gives us a previously untold tale with the Kent’s, and a team up with Steel and Mr. Miracle, that leads into the current Steelworks mini.

  • 80

    Lyles Movie Files

    It’s essentially the same story as last month for Action Comics. The Phillip Kennedy Johnson-written and Rafa Sandoval-illustrated main story is an entertaining read, with viable threats and an impressive juggling of the Superman Family. But the secondary stories still don’t feel important or interesting enough to warrant their inclusion. Superman, Steel and Connon Superboy battle Cyborg Superman while the rest of the family battles CS’s drones.


    Action Comics has been a steady, consistent read since Johnson’s come on board. The extra titles don’t tilt the scale one way or another, but it would be a welcome change for the supplementary stories to add to the comic.

  • 80

    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    So I really liked the opening story. These back-ups are fine.

    I don’t know if Knight Terrors is going to help things or derail this book. Hopeful for the former.

  • 80

    Comic Crusaders

    Whether it’s fighting a classic foe, saving his son from a space dictator, or stopping some bombs of Baghdad, Superman is that hero. Action Comics #1026 mixes traditional Superman action with political intrigue and corporate espionage. It’s an excellent entry in this long running comic book line with stories that can go in a few different (and hopefully interesting) directions.

  • 75

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Action Comics #1056 features the big battle between Superman, his Super-family, and Metallo against the new and improved Cyborg Superman. The comic delivers on the fight with Cyborg Superman thanks to the incredible art team on the book. The fight isn’t too long though some might say it’s not long enough, but it’s conclusion is well done as everyone involved gets to contribute, even Metallo. Unfortunately, the storyline with the Blue Earth movement is still the weaker part of this run. So, hopefully the creative team can shake things up with the next story arc they’ve set up with them in Action Comics.

  • 75

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Action Comics #1056 gives readers plenty of Super action with three tales showcasing members of the immediate and extended Super-Family. Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s story is easily the best of the bunch, but the Steel story falls short on every level.

  • 70


    I’ll be excited to see what the series comes back with after Knight Terrors. This is a fun book that I really enjoy month after month.

  • 60


    As strong of a story ‘Ex Machina’ is, it couldn’t help balance the more unsavory backups of this week’s Action Comics. However, I carry high hopes for the Superfamily after Knight Terrors.

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