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Action Comics #1051

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Action Comics #1051 begins a new format for DC’s most action-packed title, offering not one, not two, but three epic adventures of Superman and the entire Super-Family!

Following the bombshell events of Action Comics #1050, the world’s relationship with Superman is forever changed, the upper limits of his supercharged powers have yet to be reached, and the House of El’s transformation of Metropolis, led by Steel, has begun. But Lex Luthor has found the perfect instrument with which to undo everything Superman is working to achieve: Metallo, whose hatred of Superman is matched only by his hatred for Luthor himself.

Then, in “Lois and Clark 2: Doom Rising,” Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks return to tell the tale of young Jon Kent on the farm with his parents, learning about his abilities, coming of age… and battling the Doombreaker?!

And finally, Power Girl returns in part one of a three-part story spinning out of Lazarus Planet!

This issue marks the first appearance of new characters, new costumes, and a new era of Action Comics!

It all starts here!

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20 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Action Comics #1051 lives up to the hype with a trio of stories that are just honestly really good. The first story, “Speeding Bullets”, sets up the big story that we led into last issue with Metallo showing up to do Lex’s bidding but on the way there we get some quality House of El downtime and some good developments for the family overall definitely setting a strong tone — and, along with the story, the art and letters work very well here. The second story, “Home Again”, is a really great acknowledgement of Jon Kent as a kid—something that fans have been wanting to get back for awhile—and it’s really well-written so that it doesn’t feel like fan service in any way. But the real winner in this issue is “Head Like a Whole”, the follow up to the Power Girl story in Lazarus Planet: Assault On Krypton and all I can say is it’s so good that they just need to give Williams a full Power Girl ongoing – especially with Sauvage and Carey as part of the creative team. It’s a fun, complex story and it’s the highlight of this whole issue that is already extremely strong.

  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Action Comics #1051 has a lot to offer a comic book fan. You get an entire family of characters interacting with one another, a narration that keeps Lois relevant, exciting action enough to keep the House of El busy, previous plots coming together, a cool backstory for Jon Kent, and a great new start for Power Girl.

  • 100

    You Don't Read Comics

    Action Comics #1051 kicks off the new format with a bang. Each story has its strengths, but the Power Girl one is the most unexpected and the best one. This is three creative teams coming together to give fans wonderful stories. It’s just as great as everyone assumed it would be.

  • 100

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 96

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

    With this issue, Action Comics has moved to an anthology format with three stories per issue. The first and third stories are the ones I want to really shine a light on though. The first story by Philip Kennedy Johnson and Rafa Sandoval really does a fantastic job of setting up the new status quo for Metropolis and the Superman family. (…) The other story I wanted to talk about was the second part of Leah Williams’ and Marguerite Sauvage’s Power Girl story. This new power for Karen is a wonderful way to set her apart from the rest of the Superfamily. And Sauvage’s art is so ethereal and dreamy, it really makes the story pop.

  • 95

    Geek Dad

    The intention here seems to be to make this book something similar to Batman: Urban Legends with a stable main story—and so far, it’s an amazing start.

  • 91

    Comic Watch

    Altogether, three very enjoyable stories. The Power Girl tale is the one that surprised me the most, and I haven’t quite decided where I stand on this new direction for her. There are so many other characters that would have come to mind for this role/connection to Lilith, but I do think perhaps the choice is meant to be unexpected and a little odd, so we’ll see how it shakes out as time goes on.

  • 90


    Without ignoring the ongoing Superman concerns, Action Comics #1051 provides three distinct places to join the party.

  • 90

    Superman Homepage

    Story 1: This first chapter is actually rather good. However, it does feel like some pages were omitted in editorial. Phillip Kennedy Johnson seemed to have more in mind for this issue. The pacing itself is fast, but had there been just slightly more story in the final product, it would have been perfect. Phillip Kennedy Johnson continues to show he has a great grasp on Superman’s part of the universe better than most modern comic writers.

    Story 2: This first chapter is actually rather good. However, it does feel like some pages were omitted in editorial. Phillip Kennedy Johnson seemed to have more in mind for this issue. The pacing itself is fast, but had there been just slightly more story in the final product, it would have been perfect. Phillip Kennedy Johnson continues to show he has a great grasp on Superman’s part of the universe better than most modern comic writers.

    Story 2: I do feel like relegating the Lois and Clark feature to a back-up is a demotion for such a great title. At the very least this sequel merits its own mini-series. Hopefully, what we see in this book and future chapters will lead to that. I’m in ‘wait and see mode’, as I am with “Power Girl,” which I read before this. However, I did enjoy this nonetheless. The end of the first chapter feels like a tribute to various Superman comics from years ago. Newer creative teams could learn a thing or two from Jurgens and Weeks.

    Story 3: The boob sweat dialogue is cringe worthy. Aside from that, I’d possibly categorize this as too soon to really give a solid rating, though I had to give one to this review. There is a lot to like about this, most notably, Power Girl having her own feature again. However, there are moments in the beginning of this where she comes across as a cheap knock off of Data from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” when she doesn’t understand idioms. That feels like a step backwards for the character.

  • 90

    First Comics News

    The Super-Family takes center stage in this issue as it ushers in a new era for The Man of Steel and his loved ones. Phillip Kenedy Johnson delivers a story that brings out the very best of Superman and his cast but it also introduces us to a more robust version of Metropolis that I feel has never been seen before. Sure, Metallo lurks in the shadows but the last page of Johnson’s story will, sure enough, will get everyone’s attention (**NO SPOILERS**); Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks reunite for a “Lois & Clark” story that serves as a great reminder that if it wasn’t for these two gentlemen paving the way for what came after their run (Not counting the Bendis stuff): Finally, Leah Williams and Marguerite Sauvage debut a new Power Girl story that brings her back after being shelved for so many years. The story itself is okay but hoping that it would lead to something bigger. Action’s new format is a fresh start for this title since it’s mainly been a Superman vehicle (I’m going to pretend “Action Comics Weekly” doesn’t exist) and with the focus going to the rest of the Super Family, this is the perfect time to jump onto this series as it really emphasizes the word “Action” to perfection.

  • 90

    Graham Crackers Comics

    First off, I’d like to personally thank DC Comics for NOT starting a new numbering system with an All-New #1 issue. Getting to a issue count over 1000 should be something to celebrate and brag about. And this issue brings us into the new Dawn of DC era! And while I am not a big fan of all the additional Superman Family members, I do appreciate what it appears DC is doing here. Once upon a time, eons ago when I first started reading comics, Actions Comics was a anthology featuring multiple heroes and stories. Zatara, the Vigilante, Congo Bill, Mr. America all appeared in stories along (of course) with Superman. So adding to the page count so to be able to have multiple stories is a welcome idea. And while the secondary stories feature Superman Family members, it still works for me. And also brings us to another retro feature that this new direction takes us. At the end of the 1970’s, many of the secondary Superman title characters that had branched off into their own title where on the chopping block. Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen (why Perry White never got his own title is a damn shame in my opinion!) both had their titles cancelled. But the powers that be at the time did a smart thing. They combined these lost titles into a larger title called (you guessed it!) Superman Family. This Dawn of DC 1051’s issue is the 2023 version of that title. So while Lex and Metallo hatch their scheme, the Kent Family moves back to the farm. Meanwhile, Power Girl helps Nightwing bring Beast Boy back to reality. With the new Golden Age upon us and now this extra paged extravaganza, lets hope DC remembers their real past and continues in the right direction.

  • 85


    It’s a solid issue dragged down by an out of place retro story, but the rest of the issue is strong enough to recommend. It’s an excited new beginning for the House of El.

  • 85

    Graphic Policy

    Action Comics #1051 is a solid start to the series. With a new anthology focus, it has a little bit of everything making it easy to change things up and keep things fresh. The trio of stories each have their own strengths with a variety of styles and voices and a wide focus. Overall, a solid start to the “Dawn of DC.”

  • 85

    Lyles Movie Files

    As the start of a brand new era for Action Comics, this issue lived up to the billing. Still, the biggest challenge for Johnson will be balancing an entire Super Family in one title.

  • 80

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Action Comics #1051 kicks off a brand new story arc for Superman and his Super family while Metallo finally makes his move. The best part of this comic has to be the family dynamic and wholesome interactions with the Super family thanks to the writing and artwork. Having the opportunity to have most of the Super family together in a comic is exciting, but it’s best not to get one’s hopes up since it’s only the first issue of a new arc. Going by how this issue ends, readers can definitely look forward to getting more action with Superman and the rest in the next issue.

  • 80

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Action Comics #1051 kicks off a new era in the long-running title by converting the series into an anthology book. Two of the three shorts in this book are pretty darn good, with solid art and enormous potential. That said, the Powergirl short is a low-energy snoozefest.

  • 80

    Comic Book Revolution

    Action Comics #1051 is a strong start to the new anthology direction for this series. The main story got over what the foundation for the new Superman Family direction will. The Power Girl back-up story in this issue did its job in getting over how this anthology direction is a major positive for the Superman franchise. This is definitely a comic book all DC Comics fans should buy.

  • 75

    Comics Nexus by Inside Pulse

    The main story was intriguing, but has to do a lot of Dawn of DC set-up to do for the Superman Family. Still, it had the right balance of action and emotion rendered beautifully.

    The first back-up offers something to the fans who miss the pre-teen son of Superman even before his Super Sons pairing with Batman’s son. It is from be from the same top notch creative team that worked on Convergence: Superman duology and the initial sequel mini-series Superman: Lois and Clark from 2015-16.

    The second back-up spotlights the odd pairing of Power Girl and Omen. Its nice to see Power Girl a proud member of the Superman Family, but the story fely out of place in this issue, but the art was VERY strong.

    An entertaining issue, but next issue should be where it kicks into high gear as all the necessary storyline set-up, on all three stories, has been done.

  • 70


    Good enough look at the new revamp and new status quos, though I would have liked more time explaining all these characters and how this new set-up is going to work.

  • 50


    The choice to kick-off three separate tales means even with three stories nothing is completely covered in the comic which feels more like an opening chapter than a standalone comic. The stories are overpacked with characters, although there’s not room for great character moments with most earning little more than cameos. A busy, if not overly impressive, start that doesn’t do enough to sell me on this concept.

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