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Action Comics #1043

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The next chapter of the Warworld Saga begins! Following the first victory by Superman and the Phaelosians, the Warworld Rebellion has begun. But Mongul has become more merciless than ever, cracking down on his enemies with unspeakable cruelty. With Superman’s people suffering and his options dwindling, his thoughts turn to the mythical necropolis that supposedly lies at the heart of Warworld. Superman’s epic space adventure continues in this new arc! Then, in “Myth of the Mongul,” journey back to the origin of the first Mongul in history…and uncover deadly secrets that could spell certain doom for Superman and his revolution!

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11 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Fortress of Solitude

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    Comic Watch

    I can’t say enough about how this storyline has elevated Mongul. For the first time, I feel as though he is an individual, credible threat rather than a B-lister who gets pulled out when Darkseid is unavailable. If the intent is to elevate his status as a villain, this should do it. If it doesn’t, then I have no idea what could. Better yet, through everything, Clark always conveys the grace and humility of a true Superman – the one who stands as the best of us. My only concern is that it may be a difficult act to follow – for the next person who wants to use a Mongul, I mean. As a side note, who do I have to pay to keep Apollo’s hair white/silver instead of blond?
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    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    The war for Warworld heats up, with a non-stop issue that gets all the key players in position for the final showdown. (...) The backup continues the main story, with Will Conrad on art and that same storytelling telling a group of children something we’ve never seen before—the origin of Mongul. (...) This isn’t the same Mongul, of course, but Johnson has done an amazing job taking him from a B-list Darkseid to a terrifying force of nature.
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    I've mentioned a few times how the Warworld-related stories haven't been my favorite Superman tales, but Action Comics #1043 might be the issue that sways me. The issue comes after Superman and the Phaelosians have taken a major first victory and thus begun the Warworld Rebellion, but rebellions and revolutions are never one shot deals. It's soon revealed that Mongul is more monstrous than ever and has even bigger plans. What makes this issue such a turning point is that it's a mix of action, mythology, and the politics of war. Phillip Kennedy Johnson takes the story to the next level not by having the heroes neatly win or by dragging things out for the sake of issue numbers. Instead, he's crafted a natural progression of war where even victories can feel like defeat. The art in the issue is top notch, especially as Superman starts to consider his next steps. The backup story, "Myth of the Mongul" is quite good as well.
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    You Don't Read Comics

    Action Comics #1043 adds some more to the story, but other than that, it feels very much like the other chapters of this story so far. The art is phenomenal, and all in all, this issue definitely makes things more interesting than they were before.
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    Superman Homepage

  • 85

    Lyles Movie Files

    Johnson has done impressive work in making this off planet storyline come together so smoothly and make this war feel so meaningful. Too often these kinds of arcs are started and ended so quickly it barely registers. This has felt like a brutal, lengthy conflict although the impact on Superman’s absence hasn’t felt as pronounced as it should be since Jon is operating as Superman on Earth.
  • 84

    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    Overall a solid sort of middle chapter, nudging the main plot along but adding in new threads. I love seeing how deep Superman is in this revolution. I like the idea of a double agent within the revolution. I like that rescuing the Authority is part of the rebel mission. Will the Orglun plotline hold up? We shall see. The art is so slick. Federici really has this almost elegant take on a barbarian tale. Such an impressive book.
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    Comics Nexus by Inside Pulse

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