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Above Snakes #5 (of 5)

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This is what it has all led up to. Dirt is trapped with his life on the line, but so much more. How much blood can he spill? and should he. The final face off between him and Dr. Tomb brings the beloved mini series to a close.

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    The finale of Above Snakes meets the immense promise of each step that led to it in Hayden and Sherman’s immensely strange Western. Above Snakes #4 delivered on the copious bloodshed promised by a man riding against an entire gang of bastards for revenge and cleared the stage to focus on only a few characters: Dirt, Speck, and Tombs.

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    ABOVE SNAKES is an unorthodox tale of being on a vision quest thats fueled by love and revenge. At times, they wrestle back and forth between what is more important. Dirt has the unwanted job of trying to figure out when its enough and being satisfied with the decision. Lewis, Sherman, and Otsmane-Elhaou operate as a three-headed creative juggernaut on ABOVE SNAKES.

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