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A Town Called Terror #4

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After learning the circumstances of his mother’s disappearance, Henry agrees to enter another realm in order to find her, yet this may also illuminate the depths of his father’s betrayal. Back in the human world, Julie leaves home to search for her husband on her own.

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30 pages
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  • 92

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Niles crafts an intense and entertaining story with some dark twists and turns throughout. The plot moves at a great pace and allows for the reader to get more insight into Henry and his relationship to his father. The twist that follows beautifully ramps up the tension and puts Henry into a new and unknown place that I want to explore. The Art: Kudranski delivers some beautifully detailed and darkly rich art on every page. The tones and shadows brilliantly create a mood for the reader the complements the dark storyline.
  • 50

    A Town Called Terror is becoming a frustrating read, with the latest issue throwing in a curveball that is so completely out of nowhere and in your face that I had to stop reading for a second to comprehend what just happened. What makes it also frustrating is that while Niles' writing simply isn't able to convey the horror of the series, Kudranski's artwork does the heavy lifting in spades. There are double-spread pages here that are jaw-droppingly beautiful and I wish that the characters and dialogue were able to hit the same heights. Maybe when the series draws to a close, more will be revealed that is able to flip the story we've read so far on its head but this issue simply isn't able to convey what Niles is going for.

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