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52 #3

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Black Adam lays down an ultimatum for his home of Kahndaq and John Henry Irons investigates the dead body of Lex Luthor with the help of… Lex Luthor?!

Week 3 of the DC Comics series by superstar writers Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid!

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    Comic Watch

    The pacing of this series drags a bit this issue, with some big moments happening but not a lot to sink your teeth into, the plot advances incrementally as a result of the unfocused narrative and it becomes unclear which story is supposed to be moving. With this issue we’re up to 6 or so connected or not so connected distinct plots which is a lot to cover in a single issue. Reading this weekly I’m a bit disappointed not to get more Renee Montoya and Question or Ralph Dibney, especially after last issues cliffhanger. The art by Kieth Giffen and Joe Bennett is good overall but the Power Girl scene is cringe, with the heroine contorted to force her chest into view in most of the panels she’s in, gross. I really like the fight between Booster and Shockwave and all the Black Adam scenes are great.

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