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52 #2

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Ralph Dibny begins to investigate the defilement of his wife’s grave, while celebrity superhero Booster Gold plays detective to solve the mystery of the apparently altered timeline.

Meanwhile, Renee Montoya might not want answers, but she must face the Jack Jadson!

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    Comic Watch

    Wow! A ton happened this issue as the series focuses a little, only running three plots at once this issue and setting things up to come very neatly. I really appreciate the writers giving the story more room to breathe and it helps flesh things out a lot more. Booster Gold in particular is given a lot of focus and I really appreciated small nods to Skeets malfunctioning like the android mixing up the numbers on the plane.
    The pacing has picked up in this issue quite a bit compared to the last thanks to the focus adjustment although I was a little put off that last issues cliffhanger wasn’t even mentioned with the bulk of the issue going to Booster and Skeets. The renewed sense of purpose given to Ralph Dibney is interesting and the final page is very exciting. The foreshadowing with Morrow and Magnus is masterful and sets up one of my favorite plots in this entire series, so it’s very exciting to see unfold. I’ve always had trouble picking out which writer did what in these types of issues but the Question/Montoya plot smacks of Rucka’s masterful slow burn style which served to great effect in Gotham Central. The art by Kieth Giffen and Joe Bennett is spectacular, with Booster catching the plane being the highlight although I either might have liked more visual explanation of what was happening or written description as I wasn’t super clear what was happening in the moment.

    Week 2 is where 52 really starts to shine, now that the stage is set the plot can unfold. Very excited about what’s to come.

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