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3Keys #4 (of 5)

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Noah and Theon’s journey across a devastated New York City takes a monstrous turn for the worst in this, the penultimate chapter of their perilous attempts to slow the Old Ones’ encroachment into our reality.

Featuring an exciting variant cover by Paolo Villanelli (Star Wars: Bounty Hunters)!

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    You Don't Read Comics

    One gets the impression that Messina is only barely scratching the surface of what could theoretically be a very long-running series. Messina is working with such a small canvas in an issue that largely concerns itself with what appears to be the first half of a combat conflict that starts off in a comic shop. There are so many possibilities that come in a pop fusion of Lovecraft and contemporary horror action with clean lines and sharp colors. With any luck, Messina can keep it up for a while longer. This is fun stuff.

  • 70

    Messina’s art continues to be the star of the show in this comic focusing on a comic book store worker, a giant tiger man, and slews of Lovecraftian nightmares populating the panels. This issue tends to pull back on some of the more eye-popping creatures that allowed Messina to stretch his artistic legs, but it had plenty of surprises and was bloody fun when all was said and done. The series remains a fun romp that smashes together more than a few interesting concepts, though it could have used just a tad more meat on the bone to really make it great.

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