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3Keys #3 (of 5)

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Noah and Theon follow a perilous path from the devastated West Side of Manhattan to the ruins of a corrupt and decadent land of dreams in search of answers about that explosive night on New York’s High Line…if they both survive the journey to learn anything, that is.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    Its very rare that the art does this good a job of covering for a story. The story doesnt really worry itself too much about whether or not it is making any sense to the readers. And it doesnt really have to. It matches the mood of a Lovecraftian vibe so perfectly in this respect. So often it is the case that authors working in Lovecrafts realm slip and think of the deities as being actively evil. Its nice to read something that moves in circles big enough to be truly apathetic to the concerns of mortals. Theres big stuff going on. Mortals dont matter in the scope of 3 Keys.

  • 80

    3Keys is simply unlike anything else on the comic market today and that’s where it’s strengths really lie. Messina is able to draw some of the most out there things that you can imagine based on the premise the revolves around giant cat-men fighting creatures spawned from the mind of H.P. Lovecraft. The series is simply a blast, injecting fun into each page and giving you visuals that you can’t find anywhere else. 3Keys remains a feast for the eyes and it’s a bonkers universe that is certainly worth visiting.

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