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3Keys #2 (of 5)

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As the United States begins to go demonically insane, comic-shop register-jockey Noah Carter and her tigerman mentor Theon find themselves battling even more other-dimensional monsters – but what does it all mean? And who—or what—is behind it? The answers begin to take shape here, courtesy of superstar artist David Messina!

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    David Messina’s wild ride continues, which has electric energy in both the writing and art that is infectious. 3Keys takes the approach of throwing everything with the kitchen sink and Noah and Theon’s story benefits as a result of this. Messina’s art is on point here, with the action jumping off each panel. Setting H.P. Lovecraft’s fare as the villains here helps in showing off the creator’s skills when it comes to his artwork. 3Keys is a roller coaster and its one that I can’t wait to continue riding.

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