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Star Wars: Mace Windu #3 (of 4)

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On the refinery moon RO MIRA, MACE WINDU and smuggler AZITA CRUUZ – carrying the formula to a paradigm-smashing energy source – are on the run from Ro Mira’s security forces and a HUTT-hired BOUNTY HUNTER.

Can MACE dispatch a squadron of fighters led by the ruthless Anzellan YAYA SHRAM with nothing by his LIGHTSABER and THE FORCE?

Introducing MURO and DIYA, DUSK WEAVERS OF THE HAD’LE PATH, a cult obsessed with wiping technology from the face of the galaxy!

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22 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 80

    Mace Windu’s attempts to safely escort Azita Cruuz back to the Jedi Order continues, despite the fact that not everyone respect’s Mace’s status as a jedi. From a narrative standpoint, there’s not much to report on with this issue, as it’s merely the next chunk in a sequential and extended chase scene. Even if the story itself doesn’t have major ramifications on the galaxy far, far away, it’s still impressive that we’ve basically been given a three-issue chase scene that showcases not only Mace’s skills as a Jedi, but also offers insight into his personality. Plenty of their Star Wars comics also unfold in a linear fashion, yet something about this book feels more akin to the spirit of the live-action The Mandalorian in how there seems to be a single objective for our main characters and audiences get to enjoy each step along the way, no matter how mundane it might be. With only one issue left, the book has the chance to end on a strong note and be an entirely satisfying miniseries, and even if the ending is completely botched, we’ve still been given quite a consistently entertaining experience thus far.

  • 75

    Nerd Initiative

    The Action is there and viewing Mace Windu prior to becoming the stoic Jedi Master is great because we haven’t really seen his skills in practice. Not meaning just his lightsaber skills but those of a teacher and sage. It’s all building up and of course having a story outside of the Skywalker Drama is always appreciated.

  • 70

    The Fandom Post

    I can’t exactly say I went into this series with high hopes but it’s putting us through a competent if entirely familiar storyline that doesn’t really do anything in the long run. It’s a nice bit of character material and getting to see a younger Mace but beyond that it’s not introducing all that much to really engage with. It’s light on the worldbuilding and says only a little about others like Azita as even then it’s just very standard basic stuff. It’s a smooth and easy to enjoy property overall but it’s not going to be all that memorable in the long run, unfortunately.

  • 50

    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    And to think that things were going so well. With only two issues left in this mini-series, the penultimate issue should be a highlight for Star Wars: Mace Windu. With the last issue setting up exciting backstories for Mace Windu, I looked forward to where the creative team would take it.

    However, that anticipation may have been for naught as issue #3 of Mace Windu stumbles. Almost every aspect of this comic — from the writing to the art — feels like a downgrade in quality. What happened between issues 2 and 3?

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