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X-Men '92: The Saga Continues (2023)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 52 critic ratings.

Revisit a beloved X-Men era in this series inspired by the classic cartoon!

The 1990s roll call is as uncanny as ever: Professor X, Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit and Jubilee! And they’re facing off against their decade’s fiercest foes, both on Battleworld and at a newly expanded Xavier’s School! But who are the Shadow Queen and Alpha Red?! And with the X-Men under siege, can X-Force ’92 save them?

New mutants arrive at the school, Lila Cheney teleports in for Westchester’s biggest music festival, and deadly menaces threaten mutantkind – including the Brood and Apocalypse!

But when the X-Men found their own nation on the island of Krakoa, will they finally find peace? And which mysteriously long-lived mutant is guiding them from the shadows?

X-Men ’92: The Saga Continues collects:

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