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X-Force by Benjamin Percy Vol. 5 (2023)

Mixed or average ratings

Based on 35 critic ratings.

Collects X-Force (2019) #27-33.

Enter Cerebrax!

As Wolverine returns to Krakoa, a mind-melding new threat grips the island via a security flaw that X-Force will have to patch – with extreme prejudice!

Where does Cerebrax come from, and what does it want with Forge? Its hunger for minds is insatiable – but when Cerebrax absorbs the consciousnesses and powers of Krakoa’s most powerful mutants, X-Force will need to step it up, big time! But just as Quentin Quire starts to live up to his potential, Cerebrax targets the biggest mutant of all: Krakoa itself! A fight this big is going to take all the power X-Force can muster!

Plus: Now that Earth has a new dominant species in mutantkind, it’s time for Kraven the Hunter to prove once more that he remains the apex predator!

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