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X-Force By Benjamin Percy Collection Vol. 2 (2023)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 91 critic ratings.

Omega Red may be harboring a deadly secret, but nothing compares to the trust broken by the unexpected interrogation of one of X-Force’s own!

Meanwhile, Forge, Wolverine and Quentin Quire brave the terrors of the deep – and a deadly discovery reveals a dark side of Krakoa!

Shaken by his recent resurrection, Quire ponders his new lease on life – but when a creature of nightmares wreaks havoc on X-Force, can he fight it on its home turf?

Plus: The squad handles unwanted party crashers at the Hellfire Gala, Wolverine surfs some gnarly waves and X-Force must get to the root of the problem when Krakoa suffers an attack from a very invasive plant!

Meanwhile, Beast’s best-laid plans invite a threat close to the heart as the secret works of Mikhail Rasputin are at last revealed!

X-Force by Benjamin Percy Collection Vol. 2 collects:

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