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Wolverine by Benjamin Percy Vol. 7 (2024)

Mixed or average ratings

Based on 16 critic ratings.

Wolverine crosses paths with heroes across the Marvel Universe!

Logan decides to bring the fight straight to the enemies of mutantkind, and his grand tour begins in the only way it could: face-to-face once more with the Incredible Hulk! But will they meet as friends or enemies?

Meanwhile, Wolverine hunts down his remaining three clones from the Beast’s Weapons of X – for in the end, there can be only one best there is!

Benjamin Percy’s ever-surprising run reaches a perfect jumping-on point as Logan’s new status quo in the FALL OF X kicks into high gear!

Also featuring team-ups with CAPTAIN AMERICA, the BLACK PANTHER and MORE!

Wolverine by Benjamin Percy Vol. 7 collects:

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120 pages
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