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Wastelanders (2022)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 29 critic ratings.

Collects Wastelanders: Wolverine #1, Wastelnders: Hawkeye #1, Wastelanders: Star-Lord, Wastelanders: Doom #1 and Wastelanders: Black Widow #1.

Return to the dystopian future world where the villains won!

Get ready for shocking new stories from a disturbing world, taking their cue from the breakout podcast inspired by the original OLD MAN LOGAN saga!

For Logan, saving the day looks very different with a baby Hulk in his arms – and protecting the child may be his downfall!

Learn how a blind Hawkeye trained with the man once known as Daredevil!

The mysterious Black Widow infiltrates the deadly land of the Lizard King!

A guilt-ridden Peter Quill visits the site where he lost his great love!

And as he rules over his domain in the Wastelands, a greater destiny calls to Doom!

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116 pages
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