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Transformers: Best of Hot Rod (2022)

Whether you call him Hot Rod, Rodimus Prime, or even just Roddy, the hotheaded and cavalier Autobot leader is an all-time great. From his youthful days as the new kid in the group to his accomplishments as Optimus Prime’s successor and (co-)captain of the Lost Light, catch up on all things Rodimus! Do yourself a favor, achieve something, and earn yourself a Rodimus star! Collects “Rise” from TRANSFORMERS: AUTOCRACY #10, SPOTLIGHT: HOT ROD, “White Fire” from TRANSFORMERS (UK) #254, “Crucible (Part 2): Lūstrāre” from TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #20, “The War to End All Wars, Part 5” from TRANSFORMERS: REGENERATION ONE #100, and “Peace” from TRANSFORMERS ANNUAL 1989 (UK).

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99 pages
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