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Thor by Matt Fraction Omnibus (2022)

Collects Thor: Ages of Thunder One-Shot (2008); Thor: Reign of Blood One-Shot (2008); Thor: Man of War One-Shot (2008); Secret Invasion: Thor (2008) #1-3; Thor God-Size Special (2008) #1; Free Comic Book Day 2010 (Iron Man/Thor); Thor (2007) #615-621, 620.1; The Mighty Thor (2011) #1-22, 12.1; Fear Itself (2011) #1-7; Fear Itself 7.2: Thor (2011); Journey Into Mystery (2011) #642-644; The Mighty Thor Annual (2012) #1.

Matt Fraction’s complete saga of Thor — from triumphs and tragedies of ages past to a bold new heroic era! Asgard is the target of a dark, destructive force from another reality. When Thor and Sif dive deep into the heart of the fractured World Tree, what they find attracts the attention of the Silver Surfer — and in his wake follows Galactus! But the most horrifying threat of all is the Serpent — who will make the son of Odin, and the whole Marvel Universe, know fear! Thor is fated to die — but can a team-up with young Loki stave off disaster, or will everything burn?

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1165 pages
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