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The Uncanny X-Men – Omnibus Vol. 5 (2023)

Chris Claremont, together with an absolute dream team of art talent – John Romita Jr., Arthur Adams, Barry Windsor-Smith and Dave Cockrum – brings you more indisputable mutant masterworks!

From Juggernaut’s earthshaking return to the second “Lifedeath” to the conclusion of the Asgardian Wars, they’re Marvel milestones one and all!

You’ll also see the birth of Nathan Summers and witness his “Days of Future Past” sibling Rachel coming to terms with the power of the Phoenix Force!

The Beyonder and the mutant-hunting Nimrod loom over it all, and Barry Windsor-Smith crafts a defining Wolverine tale in “Wounded Wolf.”

Also featuring Dave Cockrum’s swashbuckling Nightcrawler limited series, and Ann Nocenti and Arthur Adams’ quintessentially ’80s Longshot limited series!

The Uncanny X-Men – Omnibus Vol. 5 collects:

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1037 pages
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