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The Uncanny X-Men – Marvel Masterworks Vol. 15 (2023)

Marc Silvestri’s uncanny legacy as an X-Men artist begins here! The artist who would define a new era of mutant drama kicks things off with the X-MEN VS. AVENGERS limited series, in which Magneto is summoned to trial for crimes against humanity. Can the Avengers bring him to justice? And why are the X-Men standing in their way? Next, Alan Davis draws an epic Annual introducing the alien force named Horde! Then, Silvestri joins with mutant maestro Chris Claremont for a run of legendary stories – including the iconic “Fall of the Mutants,” which changed everything for the X-Men. In a major status quo change for the series, the X-Men relocate to Australia – where they take on the cyborg Reavers!

The Uncanny X-Men – Marvel Masterworks Vol. 15 collects:

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