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The Sub-Mariner – Marvel Masterworks Vol. 3 (2009)

Imperious Rex!

Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner has returned for another MARVEL MASTERWORKS adventure!

Writer Roy Thomas and a trio of definitive Sub-Mariner artists are going to take comic’s first anti-hero on one of his greatest adventures of all time!

It’s Atlantean vs. Inhuman when Namor faces off against Triton. Then, our hero must march through Attuma and the bloodthirsty Tiger Shark, in his first appearance, but the truly epic confrontation begins when the man called Destiny returns and his Helmet of the Ancients is revealed to be the powerful Serpent Crown. It’s evil influence threatens the lives of Namor and his love, the Lady Dorma, and sends them across the seas to Lemuria to destroy the Crown or be destroyed by it! We couldn’t forget the all-time classic, earth-rattling face-off between Namor and the Thing, not to mention the touching return of one of the Atlantean prince’s friends from all way back in comics’ Golden Age.

The Sub-Mariner – Marvel Masterworks vol. 3 contains:

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