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The Spectacular Spider-Man – Marvel Masterworks Vol. 5 (2022)

Collects Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #56-66 and Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #3.

Roger Stern’s seminal writing run concludes, and Bill Mantlo returns for a fan-favorite second stint! After a run-in with the Jack O’Lantern, Spider-Man must protect Marla Madison – noted scientist and J. Jonah Jameson’s one true love – from the deadly Will-O’-the-Wisp! The Ringer menaces Spidey’s world in a tale drawn by John Byrne, setting up a double-sized issue featuring Stern’s retelling of Spider-Man’s origin! Then, Mantlo pits Spidey against a cavalcade of his deadliest rogues: Kraven, Electro and the Molten Man! And in one of the most timeless tales in SPECTACULAR history, teen-runaways-turned-heroes Cloak and Dagger make their debut! Plus: An Annual that takes Spidey to the “Dark Side of the Moon” with Man-Wolf!

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348 pages
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